Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A New Year already???

How did that happen? It's a new year already and my last blog post was about our holiday to Europe. I'm currently planning our next holiday already. If I waited any longer, this post would really be about our next holiday which is to Hawaii (I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about going to Hawaii - it's somewhere I've always wanted to go).

Anyway, what happened since Europe??

This not so little man can now walk and make demands.

I've picked up my tatting again (apparently there is now a category for tatting in the Royal Easter Show!!).

I keep being amazed at how Mr M is developing (and also how our house is getting overcrowded by plastic toys). I've always thought I'd totally be the whole "mother earth" mother when it came to my child - only plantation wood toys, free range, organic food and clothing etc. That all went out the window. I did try reusable diapers but the BFG wasn't particularly keen and I was kind of crap at making sure there was a regular cleaning schedule.

I sold my farm in Tirrannaville earlier this year as well. That was sad. It was too much work to upkeep it and only my mum was living there. There was just so much cleaning and getting rid of nearly 10 years worth of stuff. I realised that my Dad was a bit of a hoarder when I just found random crap all around. It took what felt like forever to sell (it actually took 6 months which probably wasn't so bad but just felt really long compared to how quickly Sydney properties are selling) and I did get it for the price I wanted so I'm happy with that.

I finally finished this quilt top. But it's currently in a state of crap. That will be another blog post once I get around to finishing it. Currently it just makes me sad so I'm not going to look at it again just yet.

I joined Running Mums Australia group on Facebook and the women on that page are so inspirational that I signed up to do the Blackmore's half marathon in September. Ok, I can say this cause it's done. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. The training was harder because we live in such a hilly area. I probably could have pushed myself but I kept anticipating really horrible hills that never really appeared (there were a few inclines but nothing too overly hard).

I'm currently still on holidays as day care doesn't return till 19th Jan. Katie lent me this book:

So I've been spending some of it decluttering. Our house is only little and since Mr M appeared, I've lost my craft room. I've spent the past couple of days culling stuff from our kitchen, my filing, and all my craft stash. It's a bit hard with Mr M wanting to get into EVERYTHING. I already did my wardrobe a couple of months ago and reduced my clothes to a quarter of what I did have. I'm not going to do the capsule wardrobe thing as I'm terrible at making sure everything matches, but I'll stick with what I have for the time being.

I also bought myself one of these:

If you are reading this Jill - yes it is expensive BUT it has been such a help around when trying to cook and have Mr M screaming at me. Forget what Robin said - it's great.

Anyway, I'm hoping 2015 brings me a less cluttered house and life, more time for crafting, job satisfaction (I'm going back to work full time) and above all a happy and well behaved child (ok, this one might be a hard one).

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Spring in Europe

I really shouldn't leave it so long between posts (so this is a long one). We came back from Europe about a month ago now and I seem to be busier than ever. This probably has to do with the fact that I've also returned to work 3 days a week. Returning to work has been hard. Trying to be productive every day I'm there. I'm sure I'll soon get back into the groove of it all.

So, about our trip. It feels so long ago now. We decided to go for 4 weeks this time. So in my last post I said that we were flying into Frankfurt and after booking it, I realised what a bad idea that was. There isn't really all that much to see in Frankfurt. If I was still working in Investment Banking and got sent there for work (highly doubt that would have happened), I may have shown a smidge of excitement. But not great for a holiday destination. Anyway, I decided that rather than stay in boring boring Frankfurt, we'll stay in Wiesbaden. This turned out to be a great idea as it was only a 30 minute train ride from Frankfurt airport and it was such a quaint town right on the Rhine.

We stopped overnight in Dubai as we weren't sure how Mr M would be on the flight. The flight from Sydney to Dubai was a complete nightmare. I booked a late flight (9.45pm) thinking Mr M would sleep. The flight didn't take off till about 10.30pm by which time Mr M was over tired and completely bonkers. He screamed all the way during take-off. When the bassinet was put up, we put him in it and he sat up and smiled at everyone (talk about split personalities). But I think he was really far gone and pretty much slept and screamed till we got to Dubai. 

Luckily in Dubai, we got upgraded to a suite at the hotel and pretty much zonked out after lunch. Dubai to Frankfurt was much more civilised and Mr M was perfect. Completely different to the baby I left Sydney with.

Fountain with geothermal water (it's pretty hot)
We stayed in a lovely old apartment right by Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof (main train station) through Airbnb. Wiesbaden is known for it's geothermal baths and littered throughout the town are these fountains with pretty hot water spouting out from them.

BFG, Mr M and the Russian Church up at Neroberg
I really like going to Germany. I find it quite easy to get around (seriously, it's their super efficient transport system), I love a good bratwurst and wiess bier and there is always something to see.

We did a day trip to Frankfurt and spent a couple of hours in Mainz. 

Wiesbaden New Town Hall
Next stop was Munich. We took the train to Munich (this was our great Europe train adventure). We should have just flown directly into Munich. Again we stayed in an apartment through Airbnb. The lady who we rented the apartment from met us at the train station and took us right to the apartment! She was so lovely and we actually spent an afternoon walking around the Englischer Gardens with her and her little dogs while we were there.

Rathaus Glokenspiel
We did a walking tour of Munich like we normally do when visiting a new city (although I have been to Munich when I did the Contiki thing when I was 21) and Mr M totally lost his cool. He pretty much screamed on and off throughout the tour. One of the tour guides (an Aussie living in Munich) was about to have a baby, looked at Mr M and was probably thinking "shit, what am I getting myself into??"

Responsible parenting - at Hofbrauhaus
My highlight of the whole trip (yes it really was after the nightmare that is taking Mr M on any form of organised tour) was a trip to Pfaffenhofen! Yes, we went to Pfaffenhofen (we couldn't stop saying Pfaffenhofen) just so I could come here:

Wollmeise goodness - walls and walls of it

The BFG indulged me and we took the train out of Munich to go to Pfaffenhofen (see I said we can't stop saying it) just so I can visit the Wollmeise shop. I was like a kid in a candy shop. It was just so so colourful. Let's just say I bought heaps. This was the largest amount I have ever spent on yarn in one go.

It really was an indulgence as going to Pfaffenhofen took all day. Luckily, it was also on the way to the Dachau concentration camp and the BFG wanted to visit. So after all the colourful yarny happiness, we went to Dachau where it was just really grey and sad.

More responsible parenting - enjoying Bavarian food (and beer)

While Pfaffenhofen (again!) and the Wollmeise shop was what I was looking forward to the most, the real highlight of our trip was going to Switzerland. One of the most memorable parts of my Contiki tour (oh my goodness - all those years ago) was the Switzerland leg. I was looking forward to going again but I was also a bit worried about the cost. Because everyone knows that Switzerland is crazy expensive. It really is!

Knitting with Wollmeise on the train to Bern
We departed Munich and took the ICE train to Bern. We didn't actually make it all the way to Bern on the same train as our train was terminated just before we reached Bern due to cows on the the railway tracks.  Yep, this stuff probably only happens in Switzerland. We managed to get another train once they reopened the tracks (probably once they managed to persuade Daisy and her lot to get a move on).

We stayed in Bern for a couple of days, and while we were there, a friend of the BFG who lives in Switzerland met us for dinner. We also managed to pack a bit of sight seeing in as well.

A very "Sound of Music" picturesque photo of Mr M.
We really wanted to stay "among the alps" and so after Bern, caught the train to Thun. A lot of people stay in Interlaken (the stop to go up the Jungfrau) but I thought it would be nice to stay on a different part of the lake and chose the little town of Thun.

On the Ferry to Interlaken
We took a ferry from Thun to Interlaken and spent the day there. It's so different from when I went there 15 years ago. It made me sad because all I saw were the high end watch shops employing Chinese people to sell expensive watches to Chinese tourists. I couldn't wait to leave and go back to the lovely town of Thun.

Mr M among the alps
Switzerland is so achingly beautiful. It makes me want to cry. I could look out at the alps all day long. Amsterdam and Switzerland are the two places that really make me feel melancholy. Don't know why.

Our last stop in Switzerland was a couple of days in Zurich. And when in Switzerland....


I have never eaten so much cheese and potato! I've since recreated the Raclette at home. I found the Raclette cheese at David Jones Foodhall but I won't mention how much it actually cost me. Let's just say, it's on par with eating it in Switzerland - so not cheap!

Our next and main destination was of course Denmark. We flew out of Zurich and then onto Copenhagen. After our obligatory hot dog at the airport, we took the train to where my inlaws live where my Father in Law picked us up at the train station. It was his first time meeting Mr M (in real life - they skype regularly). It was a lovely meeting. My sister in law had also flown in from the UK and we were all staying in a B&B in Svendborg.

We pretty much bummed around Svendborg eating loads of pastries for a couple of days. Then back to Copenhagen for a week. My nephews were really excited as this was their first trip to Copenhagen (they go to Denmark regularly but always seem to skip the city) and were really excited about going to Tivoli gardens.
We missed Eurovision by a week. Yep, I actually contemplated timing our trip to Denmark so we could be in Copenhagen for Eurovision because I doubt we would ever go. But it didn't work out - oh well, I'll just have to hope Denmark wins another round one year.

I'm starting to know my way around Copenhagen. We like staying in Norrebro as it's kind of like Newtown (but less busy) even though it horrifies my mother in law who thinks that area is a bit rough.

The last leg of our trip was a 3 day stay in Dubai on the way home.

Fountains at Dubai Mall
Dubai is like Las Vegas on steroids without the pokies and alcohol. It is big, hot and there is so much stuff. The malls were massive (but lovely and airconditioned). Everyone there loved Mr M. He got so much attention wherever we went. It was quite flattering (even though I think he's super cute, it's nice to hear other people tell you that too - yes, it's all going to my head). The only time it creeped me out was when people actually came up to us and touched him. That was weird.

My own squishy

Fountain show
This trip felt long and I was quite happy to finally come home. Traveling with a baby made things trickier and I think sometimes Mr M got a bit bored with being stuck in the pram all day. Next time we go, we've decided to just fly into Hamburg, hire a car and drive into Denmark. That's the plan anyway.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Some little things for the little one

Wow, time goes by fast when you're having fun. I've been meaning to blog at least monthly so I would have an account of Mr M's first year. Never really got around to it but I have been taking heaps of photos.

Anyway, Mr M is growing up way too fast. I love him to bits. He's actually quite an easy baby. Sleeps through the night most nights, plays quite happily by himself and eats so much. We started him on solids at 5 months and like his Dad, takes to food with great gusto.

Since my sister has two boys, I didn't really need to buy any clothes for Mr M but when I was in Myer recently, they had the jacket below. I had to have it. The sales assistant even took the last size 0 off the mannequin for me. Took it home and it was too small. I was totally devastated. I can't even exchange it for a larger size. I have one chubba bubba.

So what does a loving crafting mother to do?

Make one of course. I couldn't find another similar print in jersey knit so just picked up whatever looked cute and boyish. Don't look too closely as the chevrons don't really match up. It is a reversible jacket and lined with pellon. The pattern is the OwlyBaby Sidewalk Jacket and actually says that it isn't suitable for knit fabrics. But meh, I only read that after I started cutting and it turned out quite well anyway.

Also, in preparation for our upcoming trip to Denmark, I made Mr M a viking hat. Pattern here. In fact, I'm making one for the BFG as well but I ran out of yarn so currently trying to source more of the same to finish it.

I'm not going to waffle on about how being a mother has been life changing yada yada. All I can say is that it's different. Mr M is such an integral part of our lives now and watching him develop into his own little person is pretty cool.

He's also started Day Care (speak to anyone in Sydney and the topics of conversation revolve around property and childcare - it seems). I've had to put him in to secure the spot (well I could just pay for the spot and keep him home but having some time to myself has been wonderful). He doesn't seem too traumatised from being institutionalised with strangers.

As for myself, I've started running and swimming again. I thought I would get right back into all of that after giving birth (ok so not right after - maybe 6 weeks after). Seriously, 7 months later and I'm still not feeling 100% like myself. I guess I underestimated the time it would take to feel normal again.

I also need to really get my ninja research skills on and start working out what we are going to do in Europe. I've now come to the realisation that flying into Frankfurt is a dumb idea. I don't think there is all that much to see and do there and should have chosen to fly into Munich or Paris. Oh well, at least one thing you can probably count on in Germany, is that there will be some well-oiled train that will get us to the next destination.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Memory making

I can't believe that Mr M is nearly 4 months old. He's quite a sizeable bubba and I forget that he's still very young because of his size compared to other babies. So it's always nice to flick through our photos of him to see how much he has grown.

I've been trying to catch up my Project Life album which I'm putting together for him.

I've been using the Baby for Him Project Life kit that my friend Petrice gave me when I was still pregnant.  I started off printing my photos using Snapfish but it actually worked out better for me to just print them at home. It's more expensive (actually, a lot more expensive) but so much more convenient and I get to print them in the size I need so there has been a lot less wastage. I also used my super researching skills to find the cheapest place to buy the paper and inks for our Canon printer.

Seriously, even though this is not traditional scrapbooking, it can still suck you into this black hole. I've just been buying up so much of people's destash on the Project Life Facebook page and bits and pieces here and there. I even took Mr M out to Penrith to the Papercrafts Fair last weekend. He was a lot more patient than I thought he would be.

Anyway, when going through our photos of Mr M, I realised that I had quite a lot of crappy iphone pics which weren't really print worthy. I've since brought out my Nikon DSLR and am learning how to use it properly so I can get some decent photos.

All my other crafts have been put aside. I really just need to get the album up to date so I can put it to one side and finish knitting a top and sewing my quilt - both started when I was still pregnant.

I think in the grand scheme of things, we've been pretty lucky with Mr M. After a pretty horrific last year, I really do think I deserve an easy baby. If the Grand Juju up there gifted me with a colicky, hard to please baby, I would totally lose it.

Having said that, we are off to Europe next Easter, and hope that Mr M remains relatively easy. Tickets are booked (we took advantage of the early bird Europe flights) for Frankfurt, returning via Copenhagen. Our main destination is Switzerland as we'll be meeting up with my inlaws and sister-in-law and her family. I'm dreaming of snow capped mountains and a relaxing stay in a Swiss chalet. We're breaking up the trip on either end with stopovers in Dubai. I'm going to brush up on my singing skills and practice all the Sound of Music songs. Switzerland - the Vong-Rasmussens are coming!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Where has all the time gone?

Wow, maternity leave is like this time warp. I feel like I'm constantly busy and the time just disappears. Even when I'm not so busy, I feel like my day goes by super quick.

Max is already 10 weeks old tomorrow. I still can't tell who he looks like. Me or the BFG. Although I like to think he looks like me. The BFG was really blonde with blue eyes when he was a baby - like "Children of the corn" blonde. The Asian gene is pretty strong! Max still has bluey-grey eyes at the moment, but we're not hopeful they will stay that way.

I really thought I'd go stir crazy spending every day with a baby who can't talk back. However, it's actually been quite fun. He's a great feeder and not a bad sleeper. Now that he's a bit more alert, when he's awake, it's a more interesting. I try to get out of the house at least once a day - even if it's a walk to the shops and back. The only thing is, he hates shopping. Every time we go to a shopping centre, the floors are too smooth and he just cracks it. He's more settled when bumping along the crappy sidewalks.

We still go through the arsenic hour, but both the BFG and I take it in our stride. We can go from this:

To this:

In the space of 2 seconds.

Yep, I have no qualms about whipping out the camera to take photo evidence of His Royal Unreasonable-ness.


Friday, August 09, 2013

A new WIP I finished a little while ago

Not sure why it's taken me this long to write this post. But I finally finished something! The BFG and I welcomed a new addition to our family - Max Chi Stenner Rasmussen. He came on the 16 July after I was induced.


I can't say that childbirth is a great experience and can't really recommend it. My waters broke on the Sunday night, we were told to come in on Monday, and nothing happened. The BFG and I were so bored out of our brains inside the birthing suite (even though it was super nice - hello private health insurance!!). My obstetrician came to see me in the afternoon and said she'll induce me the next morning. So the BFG went home to feed the dogs and I stayed in the birthing suite that night.

Won't go into more details, but I was induced the following morning and he came just after lunch. I asked for an epidural when the gas and the TENS machine failed me and I seriously thought I was going to completely lose the plot.

From this experience, I am grateful that I kept my health insurance up to date and went private. I felt so crap after the birth that I couldn't imagine being in a shared ward had I gone public (yes, call me a princess). I really appreciated having my own room, my own bathroom and the really lovely midwives at the Sydney Adventist Hospital. I was in hospital for a week (difficulties with breast feeding and Max losing more than 10% of his weight) and was quite ready to go home even though I was going to miss all the help from the midwives.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Maternity leave!

I'm finally on maternity leave. The last few weeks of work were starting to wear me down a bit. The travel into the city, trying to get stuff done and just general waddling everywhere. But as the last few days were looming, I started to feel a bit ansty about finishing up as well. I feel this way a bit when I go on holidays as well, like I can't truly relax and to think I will be on extended leave!!

When the quilt and craft show was on a few weeks ago, I took a few hours off work and went down to have a look see. I bought some Quince & Co yarn in Finch from Suzy Hausfrau (and met Renae and RoseRed) while I was there.

So of course I felt the need to start working on it immediately. This is Blithe by Kim Hargreaves. I'm making it in a size I hope to be back to after I give birth. I seriously can't believe how much weight I've gained (but then again, it's not like I've been depriving myself).

Blithe - Kim Hargreaves in Quince & Co Finch
I also put my name down for a weekend beginners quilting class and finally got a spot. I only managed to get to two sessions as my due date is very close and probably won't make it to another one.

I was wondering if I should go to quilting class, but having attended two, I've learnt so much. I'm a bit disappointed I won't be able to go for a while and I did need some help doing this - the Cogs and Wheel pattern by Denyse Schmidt. The curves were a bit of a challenge!

Cogs & Wheel - first block. I'm making this in a Queen size.
The other thing I'm about to start doing is creating a Project Life album for the new member of our family. My lovely friend Petrice got me onto this and also gave me the album and baby core kit. Scrapbooking has never really been my thing, but Project Life is this massive easy version of keeping a photo journal. I actually can't wait to start!

Project Life
Pregnancy update - Today I'm 37w+5 (so the baby is pretty much cooked). It's no longer breech (thank goodness) but is posterior so hoping it will still turn before I give birth. We're still having a large baby and with that, all the concerns during a natural delivery. My obstetrician doesn't seem too concerned and we've discussed pain relief and I've decided to just go with the flow rather than come up with a rigid birth plan.

I've packed most of my hospital bag (still missing the all important snacks, magazines and music to get through the pain!!). The baby room isn't completed but I'm not all that concerned as we're planning on having the baby in our room for a bit AND the BFG is taking 3 weeks off work. I'm sure even with our relatively slack "get it done" attitude, the cot will be put together at some point.