Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Can't go past hello

It's now 3am and I really should go to sleep. I've spent the last two hours since Jenny left surfing the web for nothing in particular. I wanted to see if there were any interesting websites or forums I could have a look at. I tried going onto a chat room but it got quite confusing. It seemed as if everyone was just talking about nothing.

What do people find so interesting about online chatting? I really can't go past "hello". I joined up to a penpal site. I've had one interesting email and then it stopped. I must have bored him. I also got a Nigerian money scam email. Like what the hell are these people thinking???

Will try to go to the gym tomorrow but at this rate, it doesn't seem likely. Luckily I'm not an insomniac - night time is quite boring. No wonder werewolves are so narky.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A war memorial of some description near Adelaide street.
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My hotel room.
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Business in Brisbane

Finally worked out how to post photos here. I think this blog would definately be more interesting with photos. On Monday morning, I had to get up so early just to get the 6.30am flight. I booked a cab the night before but was really paranoid that it wouldn't turn up. When I got to the airport, I gave the driver $45 and said to him "keep the change" and in my coma induced state, just grabbed my bags and leapt (if one could do such a thing at quarter to six in the morning) out of the taxi. I looked at the receipt and realised that I had actually ripped the poor taxi driver. It was actually $45.60. No wonder he was looking at me funny. Anyway, flew with the "perky" crew at Virgin Blue. My company just books with whoever is cheapest. So I guess there won't be any business class flights. Oh well... I got excited when they told me I will be travelling in this job.

When I got to Brisbane, we went to the McCulloghs office to give our seminar. It was weird because most of our clients are ... ummm.. how should I describe this... the same? They are all librarians who are middle aged women and they all seem to look the same and talk the same. Weirdo-rama. There was one male librarian, but he was such a prick. He totally ignored me and acknowledged everyone except me. He was one of the keynote speakers but he was so boring. He had nothing interesting to say.

The seminar went okay considering it went so badly in the practice run last friday. But then that was because Stupid Sarah (who will from this point on be referred to as SS) made changes to my powerpoint presentation without telling me.

After the seminar, I went to visit a few clients in their offices. Most people were quite nice, except for the librarian at Clayton Utz. I'm not sure what the heck her problem was but she seemed to have this attitude. Well...hello... she's only the librarian, not the bloody senior partner!!

I got to stay at the Carlton Crest and that was really cool. I got a double room so the there were two beds there and they were both double. It was definately 5 star!! I went out to dinner on my own and that was really sad. I had to go buy a magazine so I didn't look like a complete loser having dinner on my own. I guess like most CBDs, Brisbane's CBD is pretty boring after hours. I went to what would be the equivalent of Pitt St mall and I heard music, but couldn't find where it was coming from.

This morning we had to visit another client to try to sell them the next version of our software, and their office was one of those high rise glass contraptions. Although I must admit the view was pretty spectacular, it was quite clinical.

I had to go to Milton to see a client out there and it was supposed to be the new trendy spot. It was one really small street with cafes and shops. I didn't find anything interesting to buy. But it does have that min Eiffel tower. Reminds me of the mini sydney harbour bridge in Warwick Farm.

The last client I saw today yabbered on and on and on... She also kind of took advantage of the fact that I was there and got me to troubleshoot some of the problems she was having. Considering this is only my 4th week with this company, I think I'm doing quite well.

When I got on the plane to come home, this rather good looking guy was sitting next to me. I was doing a bit of work and he asked me what work I did. When I said that I work for an software company, he started to tell me that he had just gone to an interview and had gotten the job. I think he was just excited and wanted to tell someone. Then he said, oh since your in IT, I have this question... and I thought.. oh shit, he's going to ask me some real techy question and since I'm only a quasi tech head, I'm really not going to be able to answer it. So I had to tell him that I only do product support but he just wanted to ask about his wireless broadband. Anyway, when I finished answering his question, he just turned around and put his hat on and went to sleep. Huh! how about that eh? I should have charged him a consulting fee.

Sorry about this one, I forgot to rotate before posting... but its Park Road in Milton which is supposed to be the "Paris" district of Brisbane.
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Church near the hotel. Have no idea what it was called.
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The Brisbane Townhall - located in King Georges Square.
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King George Square - Brisbane. This square was across the road from the Carlton Crest where I stayed.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Why Michael Jackson?

The second series of Australian Idol has started and there was no way I was going to miss it. Despite Andrew's dare to audition, I know my limits (not even the bravado I feel when singing along with my car window open will get me to auditon!). Australian hopefuls aren't as ready to challenge the judge's decisions as American ones. I nearly died when a "William Hung" wannabe came on. I don't understand the fascination with geeky Asian guys who seem to have no idea how crap they are and are willing to try anything. Maybe it was because karaoke became popular among the young (and perhaps not so young) Asians when it first arrived.

When "Flynn" came out, there was this mix of horror (perhaps because he was Asian) and fascination (very cliche - but like watching a car accident). And then he started to sing!! I was running into the kitchen because I couldn't bear to watch, but then I ran back because I felt like I couldn't miss it.

Then they went to Tamworth. Now I understand that people would think that Tamworth would be full of musicians but what made them think they would be any good. Was that where they discovered Shannon Noll? As if that wasn't a lesson learnt, they went back!!

Gee I love AI.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Like a rat trapped in a maze...

I think I finally understand the perils you can get yourself into when you chat too much. My friend Elizabeth came to my work yesterday afternoon to pick up some Corporations Law books that I got for her from work (damaged copies - in case anyone from work is reading this and thinks I'm pilfering from the company). Anyway, I started seeing everyone leave and didn't think too much of it except that I had better get back to work. But since I hadn't seen Elizabeth for a while I didn't think it would do any harm to chat a bit longer. By the time she left, I discovered I was stuck. I couldn't get back upstairs because the lifts didn't work without a security badge after 5pm and then my car keys were in the office. I was starting to get a bit panicky because the only people whose phone number I can remember who may be able to let me in had already left for the day being the ever conscientious types to come in early so they can leave early. I think I sounded a bit desperate when I approached the security guard to ask him to let me in. But he only worked for Xerox and not for CCH (probably because CCH is too cheap to hire a security guard banking on the fact that the Xerox security guard would raise the alarm if anybody was caught trying to steal tax law books to sell on the black market) and so couldn't let me in. I had to stand outside until this guy came by and felt sorry for me and let me in. While I was thanking him profusely, he said "I saw that you were stranded" .... arghh.... how embarrassing... I think I'm going to have to start thinking when I'm chatting.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Trying to grow up...

When I was at uni, I so desperately wanted to move out of home. I think I kept thinking because I couldn't afford a washing machine, I couldn't move out. Finally has come to the point where I can't stay home any longer unless I'm willing to commute two and a half hours to work from Goulburn or find a job in Canberra.

We went looking for an apartment to rent on the weekend. Finally found one that had everything I was after: secure block, own laundry, lock up garage and that wasn't on the ground floor, close to the train station and shops and restaurants. I didn't really care about the built ins because I wanted to use my parent's old wardrobe which I think should fit in nicely with everything else of mine. We're going to move in this Saturday because thats when the lease starts but I really don't think we'll get everything out of the old house in one day. But we get the keys this week if we could be bothered to get them.

I think its weird that the place is Homebush West although its really Flemington. As if that would make it sound better. As Rebecca pointed out, its near the Olympic Aquatic Centre (too spendy just because the Olympics were held there), golf courses (not that I play), racing track (not that I run), etc. At least it will be closer to work. It should only take me about 20 mins to 30 mins to get to work now rather than the 1 hr and 15 mins it took before coming from Bonnyrigg - or Heights for that matter.

I'm going to look for a new bed on Thursday. I think I'm the only 26 yr old who still sleeps on a single. And I don't think its a full size single either. Lucky I'm the typical short Asian. I'm finally going to try for a double, when really what I want is a queen size bed. Even my younger sister has a better bed than me. Thats so bad.

I guess its finally time to grow up and do my own laundry...

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Just got back from Melbourne for the long weekend. There always seem to be this thing between Sydney people and Melbourne people. How should I say this? Melbourne is soooo average. I had this great expectation when I was going since I hadn't been for 10 years, but it was quite disappointing really. The food, which I was told would be really good was so average. Even my favourite, which is Vietnamese food was average. If you look past the crime in Cabramatta, the food is so good. Since I've worked in customer service before, I have quite a high expectation. So it comes as a shock that the service in Melbourne is so crap. There were also so many psycho nutcases there. On the tram, there is always one nutcase onboard. Everyone smoked. I don't know if its because they have a bigger blackmarket for cigarettes there, but most people have something hanging out of their mouths. This isn't to say that Melbourne is completley bad. I really like the fact that Melbournians dress better than people in Sydney. Kind of reminds me of London. Have definately got to give "the claypot seafood bar" in St Kilda a mention. The food was fabbo and cheap. Never before had a seafood platter for less than $60. Luna park was scarrry..... much prefer the Sydney one. I couldn't wait to come home. Took the earlier flight when it got offered by the perky virgin blue counter staff.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

There must be more to life...

I'm sure there are a million and one office workers out there who just watch the clocks on their computer clicking by thinking that there is definately more to life than sitting here waiting for the minutes to pass.

Although what could be more boring than tax law? The funny thing was when Hannah, Sharon and I went to see The Day after Tomorrow. There was a scene where these people were debating whether or not they should be burning these antique books and this other nerdy guy goes "Hey there are all these books on tax law that can go"... or something to that extent anyway.