Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Just got back from Melbourne for the long weekend. There always seem to be this thing between Sydney people and Melbourne people. How should I say this? Melbourne is soooo average. I had this great expectation when I was going since I hadn't been for 10 years, but it was quite disappointing really. The food, which I was told would be really good was so average. Even my favourite, which is Vietnamese food was average. If you look past the crime in Cabramatta, the food is so good. Since I've worked in customer service before, I have quite a high expectation. So it comes as a shock that the service in Melbourne is so crap. There were also so many psycho nutcases there. On the tram, there is always one nutcase onboard. Everyone smoked. I don't know if its because they have a bigger blackmarket for cigarettes there, but most people have something hanging out of their mouths. This isn't to say that Melbourne is completley bad. I really like the fact that Melbournians dress better than people in Sydney. Kind of reminds me of London. Have definately got to give "the claypot seafood bar" in St Kilda a mention. The food was fabbo and cheap. Never before had a seafood platter for less than $60. Luna park was scarrry..... much prefer the Sydney one. I couldn't wait to come home. Took the earlier flight when it got offered by the perky virgin blue counter staff.


  1. I've never been to Melbourne and I've never been to Sydney, but I have been to London. I dated a girl who had studied in Melbourne, and she loved it. My best friend is presently on tour in Australia and he loves it too. I will have to ask him what differences he noticed between Sydney and Melbourne. But I'm quite certain an American perspective is bound to be a bit credulous.

  2. London is great.I'm hoping to go back. But if I have to compare Melbourne to an American city, it might be something like Boston MA. I was there in Februrary 2003 and despite thinking its very pretty, it was kind of boring unless you a) had family - which I do or b) went to Harvard or MIT. I realised that I just made Melbourne to be totally hopeless, but thats not exactly what I meant. I think if I had friends there and/or had a car, it would have been better. Also, I think Melbourne would be nicer to go in summer because you can take the great ocean road down to Lorne or go to the Mornington Penninsula. I might have to give it another chance - but not any time soon. I haven't seen the Northern Territory yet.


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