Monday, June 28, 2004

Trying to grow up...

When I was at uni, I so desperately wanted to move out of home. I think I kept thinking because I couldn't afford a washing machine, I couldn't move out. Finally has come to the point where I can't stay home any longer unless I'm willing to commute two and a half hours to work from Goulburn or find a job in Canberra.

We went looking for an apartment to rent on the weekend. Finally found one that had everything I was after: secure block, own laundry, lock up garage and that wasn't on the ground floor, close to the train station and shops and restaurants. I didn't really care about the built ins because I wanted to use my parent's old wardrobe which I think should fit in nicely with everything else of mine. We're going to move in this Saturday because thats when the lease starts but I really don't think we'll get everything out of the old house in one day. But we get the keys this week if we could be bothered to get them.

I think its weird that the place is Homebush West although its really Flemington. As if that would make it sound better. As Rebecca pointed out, its near the Olympic Aquatic Centre (too spendy just because the Olympics were held there), golf courses (not that I play), racing track (not that I run), etc. At least it will be closer to work. It should only take me about 20 mins to 30 mins to get to work now rather than the 1 hr and 15 mins it took before coming from Bonnyrigg - or Heights for that matter.

I'm going to look for a new bed on Thursday. I think I'm the only 26 yr old who still sleeps on a single. And I don't think its a full size single either. Lucky I'm the typical short Asian. I'm finally going to try for a double, when really what I want is a queen size bed. Even my younger sister has a better bed than me. Thats so bad.

I guess its finally time to grow up and do my own laundry...

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