Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Why Michael Jackson?

The second series of Australian Idol has started and there was no way I was going to miss it. Despite Andrew's dare to audition, I know my limits (not even the bravado I feel when singing along with my car window open will get me to auditon!). Australian hopefuls aren't as ready to challenge the judge's decisions as American ones. I nearly died when a "William Hung" wannabe came on. I don't understand the fascination with geeky Asian guys who seem to have no idea how crap they are and are willing to try anything. Maybe it was because karaoke became popular among the young (and perhaps not so young) Asians when it first arrived.

When "Flynn" came out, there was this mix of horror (perhaps because he was Asian) and fascination (very cliche - but like watching a car accident). And then he started to sing!! I was running into the kitchen because I couldn't bear to watch, but then I ran back because I felt like I couldn't miss it.

Then they went to Tamworth. Now I understand that people would think that Tamworth would be full of musicians but what made them think they would be any good. Was that where they discovered Shannon Noll? As if that wasn't a lesson learnt, they went back!!

Gee I love AI.