Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A war memorial of some description near Adelaide street.
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My hotel room.
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Business in Brisbane

Finally worked out how to post photos here. I think this blog would definately be more interesting with photos. On Monday morning, I had to get up so early just to get the 6.30am flight. I booked a cab the night before but was really paranoid that it wouldn't turn up. When I got to the airport, I gave the driver $45 and said to him "keep the change" and in my coma induced state, just grabbed my bags and leapt (if one could do such a thing at quarter to six in the morning) out of the taxi. I looked at the receipt and realised that I had actually ripped the poor taxi driver. It was actually $45.60. No wonder he was looking at me funny. Anyway, flew with the "perky" crew at Virgin Blue. My company just books with whoever is cheapest. So I guess there won't be any business class flights. Oh well... I got excited when they told me I will be travelling in this job.

When I got to Brisbane, we went to the McCulloghs office to give our seminar. It was weird because most of our clients are ... ummm.. how should I describe this... the same? They are all librarians who are middle aged women and they all seem to look the same and talk the same. Weirdo-rama. There was one male librarian, but he was such a prick. He totally ignored me and acknowledged everyone except me. He was one of the keynote speakers but he was so boring. He had nothing interesting to say.

The seminar went okay considering it went so badly in the practice run last friday. But then that was because Stupid Sarah (who will from this point on be referred to as SS) made changes to my powerpoint presentation without telling me.

After the seminar, I went to visit a few clients in their offices. Most people were quite nice, except for the librarian at Clayton Utz. I'm not sure what the heck her problem was but she seemed to have this attitude. Well...hello... she's only the librarian, not the bloody senior partner!!

I got to stay at the Carlton Crest and that was really cool. I got a double room so the there were two beds there and they were both double. It was definately 5 star!! I went out to dinner on my own and that was really sad. I had to go buy a magazine so I didn't look like a complete loser having dinner on my own. I guess like most CBDs, Brisbane's CBD is pretty boring after hours. I went to what would be the equivalent of Pitt St mall and I heard music, but couldn't find where it was coming from.

This morning we had to visit another client to try to sell them the next version of our software, and their office was one of those high rise glass contraptions. Although I must admit the view was pretty spectacular, it was quite clinical.

I had to go to Milton to see a client out there and it was supposed to be the new trendy spot. It was one really small street with cafes and shops. I didn't find anything interesting to buy. But it does have that min Eiffel tower. Reminds me of the mini sydney harbour bridge in Warwick Farm.

The last client I saw today yabbered on and on and on... She also kind of took advantage of the fact that I was there and got me to troubleshoot some of the problems she was having. Considering this is only my 4th week with this company, I think I'm doing quite well.

When I got on the plane to come home, this rather good looking guy was sitting next to me. I was doing a bit of work and he asked me what work I did. When I said that I work for an software company, he started to tell me that he had just gone to an interview and had gotten the job. I think he was just excited and wanted to tell someone. Then he said, oh since your in IT, I have this question... and I thought.. oh shit, he's going to ask me some real techy question and since I'm only a quasi tech head, I'm really not going to be able to answer it. So I had to tell him that I only do product support but he just wanted to ask about his wireless broadband. Anyway, when I finished answering his question, he just turned around and put his hat on and went to sleep. Huh! how about that eh? I should have charged him a consulting fee.

Sorry about this one, I forgot to rotate before posting... but its Park Road in Milton which is supposed to be the "Paris" district of Brisbane.
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Church near the hotel. Have no idea what it was called.
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The Brisbane Townhall - located in King Georges Square.
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King George Square - Brisbane. This square was across the road from the Carlton Crest where I stayed.
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