Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Can't go past hello

It's now 3am and I really should go to sleep. I've spent the last two hours since Jenny left surfing the web for nothing in particular. I wanted to see if there were any interesting websites or forums I could have a look at. I tried going onto a chat room but it got quite confusing. It seemed as if everyone was just talking about nothing.

What do people find so interesting about online chatting? I really can't go past "hello". I joined up to a penpal site. I've had one interesting email and then it stopped. I must have bored him. I also got a Nigerian money scam email. Like what the hell are these people thinking???

Will try to go to the gym tomorrow but at this rate, it doesn't seem likely. Luckily I'm not an insomniac - night time is quite boring. No wonder werewolves are so narky.