Friday, April 01, 2005

Well I guess its been a while since I've made an entry in this blog (how many other blogs continue in this manner?). But I did start off with good intentions. So lets see whats happened since? I've been to Adelaide twice for work. And how did that go? BAD!! There was only one word to describe it. Thats why I had to go back. I hate to admit that it could perhaps be my incompetence but I like to think that I'm still rather inexperienced which is why everything went belly up.

Adelaide was one of those experiences where I just wanted to curl up and die right on the spot. But at least the clients were kind of okay about the whole thing.

Anyway, since I hadn't been to Adelaide before I thought I'd make a weekend out of it. That was nice. Adelaide is a city I can live in. Not like Brisbane where its humid all the time. Although it has been described as one large country town. There is a really nice place called the Apothecary (a wine bar on Hindley St) that is so cool. Its been fitted out with everything from an old English pharmacy. I also saw this really bizarre movie when I was down there. Bubba Ho-tep. It was about Elvis in an old person's home fighting a demon mummy with a black guy who thought he was JFK. Luckily the movie was free and I had a glass of wine before I went in. You had to be on something to go see that movie. I just wish I'd had something stronger than a glass of white.

Well I'll post my photos next time.

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  1. Hey! Bubba Ho-Tep is a GREAT movie. Michael and I loved it. I even posted about it in one of my early blog posts. We even borrowed it again a few days later, watched all the extras on the second DVD, then watched the movie again. It is one of our all time favouries.

    Am enjoying your blog.


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