Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Now regarding that bit about culture...

Last Sunday Becky, Mara and I went to the Art Gallery of NSW to see the Archibalds. As with anything I do, this was more to do with the fact that I can litter my conversations with "so, I went to see the Archibalds this weekend..." and "I loved the way the artist was able to map out Gretel Killeen's expression in this year's Archibald". Secretly, I thought that Gretel Killeen made a terrible subject and without makeup! As for the winner of the Archibald, ummmm.... what can I say? Did he forget there are other colours in the spectrum? Becky pointed out that the little blurb next to his painting described him as the Australia's greatest painter. Is that why he got in? Had she or I submitted the same work, would it still get judged the same? Would it even get a mention? Would it even have made it to the into the city, let alone to the judges?

So, if the trip out to AGNSW was not about the art, then for me, what was it all about? Perhaps it was the challenge of getting there, driving round and round in circles looking for that elusive thing called a parking spot, then scrambling through the wilds of the Botanic Gardens. Or perhaps, it could be about the serendiptious moment when I realised that it was Casey Donovan of 2004 Australian Idol fame practising outside of the Museum of Sydney. Or it could even be the chance sighting of the guy who was in the now defunct Aussie Queer Eye. Can't remember his name, seeing how memorable the Aussie version was. Good looking, shame that he is gay. Seems to be the current catchcry in Sydney of late.

I can't say that I'm a great Art enthusiast, I can't tell the Rembrandts apart from the Picasso's (so shoot me!), but I'm definately a keen "event goer". I'm sure most people are, although admitting it freely will make them a fraud...well, look at Rodney Adler. Now, where is my brochure for the Royal Ballet?

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