Monday, August 08, 2005


I've been getting into a bit of trouble lately because of what I've been writing in the blog. I have to admit that not all my witty comments have been my own. So without further inflaming the situation which may bring upon copyright and intellectual property law suits, I am offiically acknowledging Becky (guess I will not name full names in case she becomes "google-able") as the rightful owner of such thoughts as "event-going", etc (I say etc because I repeat so much of other people's stuff that I don't really know what belongs to me and what doesn't).

Lucille, my younger sister has also accused me of stealing stories and lacking in original thought. Seeing as that may be case (oh no!), I will (from today), endeavour to sprout my own blabbings or try harder to find obscure Seinfield episodes to quote... "have you seen that episode of Seinfield where..."

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  1. I often wondered about that too. Then again, many years ago I went to an Open Publish conference and they talked about defence publishing. Basically, whoever publishes the ideas first, will sort of have the right to claim those ideas, no matter where they originate from. Great to have acknowledgement - but where do we draw the line, say if we overheard someone talking about that we can blog about but couldn't remember who said that, or where we heard that from ? Anyway, heaps have been said about Bloggers getting sued over things they posted even in their personal Blogs; especially by the very companies they worked for.


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