Friday, November 18, 2005

Needle exchange

I promise I'm still trying to post that picture of the wool up. However, today at lunch I nicked over to Rubi and Lana's to pick up the rest of the maroon wool which I am using to make my vest. I talked to Paula about needing some new needles to knit a shawl with the alpaca wool I recently purchased. She recommended a 8mm circular so that it can be "holey" and it will hold all the stitches. When it came to paying, I realised that I was about to fork over $17.50 for these needles. In the big scheme of things, this probably isn't a lot to pay for some quality needles. However, I really can't imagine when I would need 8mm needles again as I normally like to knit on finer needles. I'm starting to think that I may need to start up some sort of safe needle exchange. Where knitters who have those needles, that they used only once to make that couture piece with uneven wool, can get together and swap them for another pair of strange sized needles. Oh, if only I was a "do-er" rather than a "think-er/day-dreamer/wishful thinking-er"...


  1. phew - I thought I wuz gonna see you up @ the cross heh heh.

  2. rats - used the wrong ID. Sorry Popper - i meant to be Inane...; D

  3. What a great idea, Popper! Perhaps the SSK group could organise it, and the safe exchanges could take place at the Barmuda during the bi-weekly SSK meetings.
    Sydney Sity Klickers can be found here. You should come along some time!


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