Sunday, November 13, 2005

Of Alpacas and silk

A couple of weeks ago when I went to Canberra with a couple of girlfriends, we stopped by at Kingston markets. I met a woman by the name of Penny Pearce who was selling some Alpaca wool and also knitting this beautiful shawl at her little stall at the Markets. Of course I had to engage her in conversation and found out that she only lived a couple of kilometres from my parent's place in Goulburn. I got her card and promised that I will visit and buy some wool off her. Well, this weekend, despite some serious tree planting at my parents and sporting a terrible runny nose, I made the effort to give Penny a call and asked if I could pop over. So, along with my rather uninterested sister and curious mother, we drove down Braidwood Road past Tobermoray Stud farm to Penny's place. She was waiting outside next to her white letterbox in case I had missed it. She showed me the lovely wool she had from the other week. Some Alpaca and silk which she spun herself. She said it was slightly finer than 5 ply. She also showed me the shawl she had finished. I bought 200 grams not really knowing what I'm going to make with it. The Alpaca it came from was named Batman. So we went down the paddock to meet Batman and the rest of the crew. They were incredibly cute!! I love Alpaca's and in my usual day-dreaming state, I think that one day we will have a couple on the farm. They have the most beautiful eyes. Anyway, below is a picture of the wool (at the time of this post, I seriously thought I could get a picture up, but blogspot doesn't like dial up connections - so the picture will go up on the next post). Penny has invited me to come back whenever and I thought I'll ask her for some spinning lessons one day. If I get the hang of it, you never know, I might get a couple of Alpaca's and start shearing, cleaning, spinning, dying my own wool!!


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  2. I would like to come along too to meet Penny and Batman !


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