Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas on the farm

Since my parents moved to Goulburn three years ago, we have driven down to spend Christmas with them. This year was no different. Seeing as my birthday is the next day, we celebrate that as well while we are down there. This year, I got new clothes, opera tickets (well Raymond paid for my opera subscription - so that was for birthday and Christmas together). My older sister also got me this really beautiful luggage tag from Harrods when she was in London earlier this year. Seeing as I no longer travel for my work, I'm going to use it on my laptop bag instead. My younger sister got me the Knitting pattern-a-day calendar. That was really cute.

I spent an extra few days in Goulburn, hoping to a) get more knitting done, b) read more books, c) work out how to use photoshop and dreamweaver. I did get to knit and finished one sock, started on Eragon so that I can go see the movie soon but darn! forgot to bring the laptop and so didn't get started on learning the two programs.

In the extra days I was there, I went to see a A Night at the Museum. Movies at the Lilac cinema in Goulburn is $7.00 which is pretty cheap. It has always been my intention to see as many films as I can when I go there because I will be absolutely devastated if it were to close due to low patronage.

We also drove 45 minutes to Canberra (interstate!!) to have dinner there one night as well. We normally only go as far as Dixon. This is because there are some half decent Chinese restaurants there. I have tried one Chinese and one Vietnamese restaurant in Goulburn. Never again!!!

Family portrait at the park - the farm doesn't look this lush unfortunately

I walked up to the top of the property and took these photos at sunset. It really is very beautiful during dusk.

The fence which separates us from the neighbours.

Charlie Bear - but we normally just call him Charlie.

I completed one sock while in holiday mode. The is the Lacy Mock cable socks

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

True Blue Aussie

My brother-in-law Mike officially became an Australian citizen today. He had his citizenship ceremony at Parramatta town hall and to mark the occasion, we had good old pavalova. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we have a crappy oven, it came straight out of a packet.

Hailing originally from Boise Idaho in the United States, he's been living here ever since he and my sister got married a few years ago.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Katie taught me how to tat a few months back. I only recently picked it up again seeing as I have a bit more time to play around.

I'm using crotchet cotton as I really do hate unpicking and until I get better at it, I'll stick with the thicker stuff.

Both Katie and I believe that with enough patience, any knot can be unpicked.

Finally went to post my christmas card to Ysolda at lunch. The line at Australia Post was enormous. I felt bad for only having one card to post, so bought an extra international stamp. I'll probably end up sending a Christmas card to my aunt in the States whom I stayed with several years ago when I went for a holiday.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Have we met before?

Wow, two posts in the one day!! I've been meaning to mention this before, but keep forgetting. So before the onset of alzheimers gets the better of me, I thought I'd post before going to bed. Although it's after 12am so technically, it's kind of like a post for the new day.

I have had three people this week, ask me if they had met me before. Now, if it was one person who happens to be male, I might have thought it was a pick up line, but seeing as they were from a various cross section of people, I thought this is getting weird.

Last Thursday, I went to a Christmas function given by the kind folks at IbisWorld at the Four Seasons hotel. When I was introduced to one of the people who work for IbisWorld, he asked me if we had met previously at some Library and Information function. I told him no, seeing as I myself don't recall ever attending such a function to begin with.

Then yesterday, whilst in Gulgong (with a population of about 150) in a boutique, I was asked by the owner if we had met before as I looked quite familiar. I have been to Gulgong before - like two years ago and the last time I came to Mudgee, we didn't even go as far as Gulgong. Also, I don't recall ever meeting her either. Told her that I doubt we have met, but that I had visited Gulgong two years ago.

Now, here is the weirdo bizzaro thing that happened. Today, just as we were about to head back to Sydney, Daniel - Breck's nephew (see photos from last post), told me that he has this deja vu feeling that we have met before. He started asking me where I went to school, which university I attended, etc. I HAVE NEVER MET THIS BLOKE BEFORE YESTERDAY!!

What is happening??? Is there a doppelganger out there with my face on it?? It is truly freaky. But the strange thing is not the fact that this has happened three times in one week. This has happened quite a lot of times before. Earlier this year, I went to a party at Ee Laine's (my ex-colleague) house for a party and this guy I have never met asked me if we had previously met.

I've lost count the number of times people have asked me this exact same question. I may be able to put some blame into the fact that I have a really bad memory (I only remember really useless things), but on many occasions, I really have never met these people and did not work, grow up or hang out anywhere near where they are from.

So if you walk by someone who looks like me, grab them and get in contact with me!! We may be able to use it to our advantage!!

Happy 60th Breck!

Whilst I doubt that my friend's partner Breck will be reading this, it was his 60th birthday bash this weekend. He decided to hold it in Gulgong which is about a half hour drive from Mudgee. Although Raymond and I went there not long ago - before I started my new job, I decided to go again, just to spend some time with my uni friends. A friend graciously gave me a lift in her mini and so three of us piled in.

This car is TINY!! But it handles beautifully around bends and seems to really grip the road. Unfortunately, because of my short legs I was put in the back seat. We did, however have the top down on the way there and whilst I thought we looked extremely cool on the road, my face was getting whiplashed by my hair. All because I forgot to bring a hat.

The drive took close to five hours and we went from a nice 25 degrees celcius when we left Sydney to a crisp 15 degrees going through the Blue Mountains and then a hot 35 degrees when we arrived.

I booked some rooms in this hotel which was recommended by my friend (who told us that it is a quaint country pub). I nearly had heart failure when I saw it. The outside looked cute, but the inside was not something I would write home about. There is quaint and there is YUCK! I even took photos to prove that I spent one night there.

I cannot stand icky carpet!! Despite the disappointment with the accomodation, we went and had a swim at the local pool and walked around the historic town, who's claim to fame was that it featured on the old ten dollar bill.

Breck's actual birthday dinner was really nice. I didn't take any photos of the actual event because I thought it would be more fun to enjoy the evening that stressing about taking "that moment" when I'm sure fifty other cameras were getting it down in history. I did get quite drunk though - with the free flowing alcohol and the fact that this dinner was held in wine country.

Today (Sunday), we headed out to Eumby which is Breck's sister's farm. They have several thousand acres of land which they use to run sheep on. When I saw the fleece which was recently shawn, I thought I might give spinning another go. Even though I tried and failed miserably the last time I borrowed a spinning wheel.

Here are some photos from the farm:

Daniel (Breck's nephew) showing us the fleece from some sheep was recently shawn because they managed to get away during shearing time.

Doggie on the left is Lucy and the one on the right is Ravi - two working sheep dogs (no sheep pigs here)

The windmill with the original well (below) used in the times when they had coach stops

Headstone of Michael Lahy. There is a story behind this but to be honest, I've been supporting a hang over all day and really can't remember what it was about - but I think it had something to do with him fighting for the Aborigines in the area at the time.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Office Christmas Party

There are numerous articles in the newspapers and magazines lately on office party etiquette. It seems to be a recurring theme in the "Living" and "Social" sections of the SMH around this time of the year. So it was very surprising to be witness to a few drunken escapades on board the ITS Christmas cruise. Admittedly, our IT department is made of a rather young group of Professionals. They appear to be able to keep the computers and programs running smoothly, but are totally unaware of said publications.

Like a bunch of old biddies, I sat with the other Researchers on the deck of the Captain Cook boat and smirked at the girls who were oblivious to the fact that the Orangutans at Taronga Zoo were able to catch a glimpse of their underwear as we sailed past.

It was fantastic entertainment. I love the fact that I'm working for a company where drunken Christmas parties are all the rage!! The last company I worked for, we had a Christmas lunch in January and prior to that, the company was full of married people who were happy to end the night at seven pm.

We have the Firm's main Christmas party in a couple of weeks, where it is not only the IT people, but also all the accountants and lawyers as well. I'm excited to find out whether they party just as hard - I love good gossip!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Environmental tendencies

Recently I went to a workshop on natural cleaning and home detox at the Watershed in Newtown. The focus of the workshop was household cleaning using natural products. I've never really considered myself a "greenie" but recently, and I don't know if it has a lot to do with the drought, I've really started to be aware about what we are doing to the environment.

Whenever I walk past someone using a hose and watering their garden, it really gets on my nerves (but of course, I'm too chicken to say anything). When parts of the State are having issues with supplying their town with potable water, people are wasting water.

I've been quite interested in all sides of the drought debate, whether farmers should be given more assistance or perhaps should be thinking about moving away from farming and getting a job elsewhere.

Whatever the answer is, I can really understand the frustration. Seeing the dark clouds which refuse to drop its load and all you want to do is will it to rain. That is how I feel each time I go visit my parents. Needless to say, they are starting to get quite anxious.

Uni has finished for the year and so I've got more time to dedicate to my creative pursuits. I started this piece a couple of months ago, but I have put it aside as I tried to finish my assignments on time.

Here is another shot. The massive thing of yarn, I picked up from Glebe markets. The woman told me that it is the same yarn used in Ken Done jumpers - hence the hypercolours!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Freak accident claims innocent bystander

One of my greatest fears is not public speaking but rather dying in a freak accident and making it on the 6 o'clock news. I've already made it clear to my family, if my death is ever newsworthy, that I don't want to be media fodder. Although my sister does have this ghastly picture of me which I once used on an international drivers licence and she threatened to pass to the news stations as they flash my picture up as they describe my gruesome demise.

Today, I had two near "freak" death experiences. First was when I was walking behind this woman who was carrying a bag with this long strap. I nearly tripped over the strap and caused a human domino effect downn the steps of Central station. Next as I was power running to make my connecting train, this thing that looked like a walking stick fell from above and nearly struck me on the head. I turned to have a closer look and it was actually one of those claw-like things which CityRail workers use to pick up garbage.

So having survived two near freak accidents, I climbed aboard the 5.45 Central to Newcastle train (yes not supposed to take country train when getting off suburban stops, blah blah blah...), I whipped out my technicolour knitting to calm myself down.

Monday, November 06, 2006

What day is it today?

I've lost my precious day-to-a-page moleskin diary. It feels as if I have lost one of my arms and feel quite disconnected. I'm not even sure why because it's not as if I have such an active social life that every page is filled with reminders of places to be, people to see.

However, losing a diary 2 months before a new one can be started is such a pain. If I buy a 2007 diary, I can't actually start using it and there is no point in getting another one for the rest of 2006.

Life at work is ticking along nicely. I started another knitting project in which I've decided there will not be any pictures until I to at least 70% of it. Otherwise, it might end up in another pile of rejected projects.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

New job - new routine

Unfortunately I haven't really got that much to report on the knitting front. I've been quite busy trying to settle into my new job. In particular my new desk. I've got a desk which faces out onto the harbour. Whilst I said in one of my previous posts about jobs with harbour views, I can't believe that I actually have one. My new workplace is so much more nicer (only week 2 - I know) but it's so much more relaxing than my last job. I am going to work knowing that I'm not putting up with people's moodiness!!

On the long weekend that past, we went to the Floriade (again). I think this is the third year in a row we've been. Yet again, all photos look the same. We stayed with my parents again in Goulburn and did more weeding. Apparently we have an issue with serrated tussock which is this noxious weed. The noxious weed inspector keeps calling me to tell me to do something about it. I have, but nothing seems to work. So this weekend we drove around in my dad's ute (it's a manual shift and so I can only get it to go into first and second gear - oh and I can reverse as well) and manually dug them out. It was so boring. I think there is still one more weekend worth of digging to get rid of it all. And then the stupid neighbour's weeds will blow over to our property and so at the end of the day is probably fruitless anyway.

I went to see Devil Wears Prada and am so jealous of the fantastic outfits which Ann Hathaway gets to wear. Other movie I saw was Little Miss Sunshine. This movie is really funny/sad. Highly recommend it to anyone. It made me happy to know that there could be more dysfunctional families out there than mine.

Oh, here is a picture of me and my sister's at this Japanese yukata (summer kimono) workshop we went to. That's me in the middle.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Short break with a tea cosy

I got back last night from a mini break to Dubbo and Mudgee. After getting to stay in rather nice-ish hotels when travelling for work, I absolutely agonised over where to stay when I was trying to book accommodation because I wanted to stay somewhere that was nice and not a complete dive. In Dubbo, I finally settled on a self contained apartment. Raymond took one look at it and refused to even step foot in it. Little did I know that this place was also a backpackers. I can totally understand. I have only ever stayed in a backpackers once in Boston and it was on top of Hooters. It wasn't a complete dive but it would definitely what I would call roughing it. In Dubbo, we went to the Observatory. I absolutely love star gazing. And because we were in the middle of nowhere, the stars were at their brightest. The guy who was commentating used this thousand watter search light to point out the constellations. For the first time I could actually make out Scorpio and didn't have to stretch my imagination either. And I saw a falling star for the second time in my life. We also went to Western Plain Zoo and spent the whole day there. I would have photos to share had someone remembered to bring their digital camera. Instead, we had to use these disposable ones which I have to get developed.

I did bring my knitting with me (the Vogue skirt) but as we were driving through the countryside, I measured the skirt and realised that IT IS TOO LONG!! How did I get it so wrong??? The pattern said to start shaping and decrease one stitch on each side every six rows, thirteen times. That is a LOT of stitches. Now, it's too long. I was too depressed to frog and so put it away and didn't look at it again for the rest of the trip. However, I do have sort of finished objects to share. I have completed ONE sock!

This is RPM from The yarn is from Knit Picks. I started knitting Pomotomus with this yarn, but realised it doesn't look that good and frogged the whole thing. This is it's reincarnation.

Here is a close up:

And what did I get from my secret pal (or not so secret now)? A tea cosy!! I've taken the photo with my sister's blueberry teapot which she got from Canada because it matches!!

Here is another shot:

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why do these things always happen to me?

This morning, like most mornings, I was running late to work. I knew that my car was a bit low on petrol, but seeing as I had a client to see after lunch, I thought I'd go fill up before I go. I actually parked in a car park that was near the service station. When I went to get my car, what little petrol was left must have evaporated into nothing and my car refused to start. Luckily I had made it to the parking lot this morning!! I was really embarrassed having to walk over to the service station to buy a jerry can and fill it with petrol. I thought that I'd just stride right in and just buy it without any explanation. The attendant might just think that I was buying it for my lawn mower. When I went to pay, the attendant goes to me "So you broke down somewhere did you?" Ugh! How did he know??

Monday, September 04, 2006


I had a bit of a mini crisis over the weekend. My older sister turned 30. This means that I'm not far behind as she is only one year older than me. I was thinking about where I thought I would be when I was 15, 18 and 25. The fact is, nothing much has changed. I've never really felt that my life would be better when I got to a certain age. I always enjoyed whatever age I was. Although the biggest thing to happen to me when I turned 25 was that my car insurance became cheaper.

So what did I want to do career-wise? No idea actually. I knew that I didn't want to be a librarian (so I went and did an information studies course which has qualified me to be one). But what I did know, was that I wanted an office with a harbour view. Then I realised that only whip-lashing managers got those. Oh well, there goes that idea.

Anyway, we ended up going to Tharen to celebrate this milestone for my sister. It's located in this tiny little lane in Kings Cross, next to a brothel. I'm not sure how I feel about the injecting room in Kings Cross (I still haven't made up my mind about that), but I was glad that it wasn't along the way because Kellet Lane (or was that Way?) already looks like it belongs in an opening scene of CSI (where they discover the body).

We talked about creativity tonight in my uni class. Apparently, everyone has some sort of creativity in them. But I really fail to find mine. I think that I'm pretty good at replication (hence the knitting and following a pattern thing), but to try to think of my own would be like trying to decide between knitting with cashmerino or alpaca (near impossible).

This Thursday is my last day in my current job. Then I have 2 weeks off, in which I shall endeavor to sleep as much as possible, knit as much as I can, finally do that bush walk in Lane Cove National park and perhaps fit in some Uni work in between. Oh, and perhaps learn how to make Creme Brulee. I've already got the blow torch.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Changes, changes and more changes

So for all of you who have been "watching this space", you'll be glad to know that I resigned from my job last Friday. I've got a new job with a professional services firm as a researcher. I've been in my current job for the past 2 years. I was ready to resign after day one. But I persevered and whilst I absolutely love my job, the culture at work is absolutely horrendous. It is a case of too many chiefs and not enough indians. This company is classic Dilbert.

One of the things I pride myself in (okay, perhaps not my work ethic), is my ability to become very good at any job I take on. To be told that I am doing an "average" job and then to give me a bonus "out of goodwill" is just downright insulting. I would keep thinking that there was something wrong with me, if it wasn't for the support of my colleagues and predecessor!!

So now I am looking forward to working in the city again - I'll even enjoy commuting on the train to work.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Second one skein package

A massive thank you to Charley for the second one skein package. The skein of Italian silk is absolutely decadent and the other skein is merino and cashmere. How did you know that I'm a total chocaholic? I love the book "Chocolate surprise". And a knitting card!! Who would have thought?

I'm starting to feel my age. On Thursday night, we went to see Bic Runga at The Basement. I knew that the show wasn't going to start till 9.30pm but I thought that she was going to come out at that time but it was the support act that started at 9.30. She didn't actually start playing until 10.30pm. I was so tired and being a school night, was thinking about how hard it was getting up for work the next day. I'm not very good at writing music reviews (as I either think the music is good or bad or just boring) so I'll just say that I enjoyed it and will try to get a hold of her albums.

I haven't shown any of my current projects recently. But here they are (just don't ask me about things that I have finished!!).

The blue piece is a bag I'm making with a skein of acrylic yarn which Jules gave me. The pink one is a skirt I'm making from the current Vogue Knitting. It's the one on the front cover. The wool is from Bendigo Woolen Mills in 4 ply.

I do have one thought to leave you with. You don't have to work for a large multi national corporation to feel like you are living in Dilbert's world. A company of six staff can also make you feel that way. So what does one who currently feels demoralised about their job do? Whinge and complain and then do something about it!! So watch this space.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Look and you will find

Finally found the USB connector thingy for my camera. It's amazing how you can keep looking for something and never find it. Then when you double check a place you think you have looked at a hundred times, it's there. Anyway, less talk, more photos. It's catch up time.

My one skein package. It's a skein of Rowan, Jo Sharp, 2 stitch markers, and a knitted flower. Charley also included a photo of her cat "Charley"!

My father's snow peas. It's a really sad state at the moment because they are growing really slowly. Goulburn is still really cold and it looks like winter isn't going to lift till end of September.

I've been wanting to take a series of these photos ever since summer when I saw how the light reflected off the plastic inside the greenhouses. However, during winter it seems even more beautiful - melancholy even - looking at the shadows dancing across the white of the greenhouse walls. I'm no photographer (everyone just has digital cameras these days!!), but I quite like how these photos turned out. I've posted the others on flickr.

My parents have got it in their heads that they would like to start keeping some sheep. What this means is I will have to go and research on keeping sheep and I will be the person ultimately ensuring their well being. Part of me is quite apprehensive about the whole sheep thing, but the other part of me thinks how cute lambs would be!! And imagine if I could spin wool from sheep on our own farm!! But having said that, I think at the end of the day it might be more trouble than it is worth.

Anyway, this week I was in Adelaide for two days. Did I ever mention that I really like Adelaide. I'm finding that I am really starting to get to know Adelaide. I can actually get around without a map. However, some may argue that Adelaide isn't big enough to require a map! I love staying at the Hotel Richmond where they give you little Aveda shampoo. A client of mine always gives me recommendations on where to eat. Her last suggestion was Ying Chow on Gouger St. So I actually trekked across town to look for Ying Chow. When I finally found it, it was packed. There was a queue out the front. It also looked like a place where you can't sit there with a book and eat by yourself. It was a definitely family and friends sort of place. Someone eating there on their own would have appeared way too tragic. I ended up in a Thai restaurant on Hindley St. It was bad Thai. Don't go there. I've since found out from a friend that Thai is not reknowned for in Adelaide.

I went to my book club meeting tonight too. We read an Agatha Christie book "Till there were none". This is totally un-PC but I really liked the rhyme that is in the book. You should check it out - I couldn't stop laughing.

A friend of mine of wrote a post on his blog about mynah birds. I can totally relate. Having lived out west for a really long time, there was nothing more annoying than the mynah bird. But now living in the north, there is nothing more annoying than a kookaburra at 7am on a Sunday morning. Why can't birds just tweet?

Oh, and you know how I said that I hate uni? Well to add insult to injury, it has now given me a tax debt!! How pathetic is that?? I've decided to do only one subject this semester. That means I can have a healthy balance of studying, working, knitting and sanity.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Darn you blogger!!

I had written this massive post last night but then I "accidently" navigated away from the posting page and it was LOST!! I hate doing things twice, so I'm not going to rewrite everything I wanted to say last night. I'll just put it in bullet points.

  • I have made two pairs of Fetching. One for me and one for a friend. The pair for a friend turned out way better than the pair I made for me.
  • I went to see The Lakehouse with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. I was under the impression it was based on a book called il mare - its not. I found out when I went to the bookstore.
  • I took my car to get it serviced. I came out feeling ripped off.
  • I went to Cabramatta. It stressed me out as I have this love/hate relationship with that place. Love the food, hate the parking.
  • I went to the Aroma Coffee Festival yesterday. I'm sure I can give them some tips on systems and processes in running a coffee stand.
  • I bought more anodised knitting needles on eBay. Why do I have this compulsion to keep buying these??

So that has been me since the Sydney Film Festival. I also got a call from a recruitment agency recently asking if I would be interested in applying for a job in Melbourne. I hadn't thought about Melbourne. I always thought I might end up in London or Canberra. I'm still thinking about this. But I was reading this article in the Sydney Morning Herald today about Human Resources departments. They are truly evil and useless. The company I work for doesn't have a HR department, but I don't think this makes them any less evil. Anyway, I will have to post pictures when I finally find the USB connector thingy for my camera.

Also wanted to mention that I did receive my one skein package from Charley (my one skein secret pal). But because of the lack of USB connector thingy, I don't have photos to share!! But thank you Charley - if you are reading this.

Oh, and uni starts soon. They blocked my access to UTSonline and the student admin thing because I paid my account ON THE DAY IT WAS DUE. I hate uni, I hate paying and I can't wait for it to be over. I looked online to see what electives I can do. Nothing appealed. But it is tax time. I love doing tax returns and do my sister's and her boyfriend's returns. I just hate doing my own.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

But David, I think you are too harsh..

Unfortunately, I never choose to see a movie based on what David and Margaret says (surely the generation gap would cause some friction?). In fact, my methods of choosing what to see at the recent Sydney film festival was really based on what I could fit in on my days off.

First movie was Perhaps Love with Takeshi Kasheniro starring. I was a bit apprehensive about watching this movie because it was touted as a chinese musical. Ummm.. apart from chinese opera, when did the chinese ever get into musicals? Not quite their forte. But I really enjoyed this film. Who wouldn't? If only Takeshi was serenading me!! There is one really touching moment where even a corner of my heart melted (makes me sound kind of hard doesn't it? But I'm really a romantic at heart!). I highly recommend it, as it has been made into a movie within a movie with a touch of bollywood.

On my day off, I saw 2 films. Something like happiness and Host & Guest.

Something like Happiness - a Czech movie about a girl who dreams of going to meet up with her boyfriend in America but has to look after the children of a friend who has been put into a mental institution. This movie was one of those ones where a lot of nothing happens and you wonder what just happened to 2 hours of your life. Whilst I thought it was an okay movie, I still felt a bit lost when I came out. Like, what was the point of the movie?

Host & Guest - a Korean movie about an athiest and a Catholic trying to convert each other. It starts of quite funny but like most Korean movies I've seen so far, they ALWAYS try to put a serious side to it and make it somehow tragic. Whilst there was no fatal tragedy in this movie, ie nobody died of some acute disease which only 1 in 5 billion people would get, it did end on a rather serious note.

I went to see one more film for the SFF with my colleague Ee Laine on a rather bitterly cold Friday night.

C.R.A.Z.Y - a French Canadian film about a boy who was born on Christmas day and had to endure midnight mass throughout his childhood. This movie struck quite a few chords with me because I know EXACTLY how he feels having a birthday so close to Christmas. The main ones being the one present for both occasions and having it wrapped in Christmas wrap. This movie had everything I like about a good movie. It had me laughing out loud and silently wiping away tears (see not so hard after all). I highly recommend this film.

Last night, I saw another film at Roseville. It was the film they used for the opening night at the SFF.

Ten Canoes - an Australian Aboriginal film told through a story. This film has excellent scenery and apparently is quite authentic in it's costuming (you'll know what I mean when you go see it). But to tell you the truth, it was just a bit too slow for me. I don't know if it was because I had to get up early yesterday morning, but I was actually starting to fall asleep halfway through it. It's one of those movies that is supposed to be good, but maybe not everyone would think so.

So what to next? Enough with the arthouse films! I'm going to see Superman, and all the current kiddy movies that are out!!

Oh, apart from knitting did I tell you that one of my other most favourite things to do is go to the movies?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Interstate day trips really take it out of me. Even though my flight wasn't till 7am this morning, I still had to get up at 4.30am. I am always so spaced out at that time of the morning. I can't believe that I managed to drive myself to the airport. Normally I take a cab and try to appear unsociable so that the cabbie won't try small talk with me. But seeing as I've moved to Carlingford, I thought I'd save the company some money and park my car at the airport. Otherwise, the cab fare would be as expensive as the airplane tickets. Brisbane was really nice and sunny. I once thought it might be nice to live there, but I'm thinking that I quite like Adelaide. If only they paid well in Adelaide (and jobs existed)!! But then I have friends moving up from Adelaide - it might seem a bit backwards to move in the opposite direction.

Did I mention that I only have one more assignment left? Yes, one left!! Then I'll be free!!! More time to devote to my knitting and other crafty pursuits. I am also looking forward to more time off. I had a really long weekend, but apart from going to visit my parents, most of my time was spent working on this last assignment. But next week, I've got a couple of days off too. And what will I be doing? Watching movies of course. I got some tickets to the Sydney Film Festival. If only I didn't have to work to make money. Actually, I'd be happy with a 2pm-10pm job.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Adding to my stash

I got up way too early this morning to go with my sisters to pick up Mike from the airport this morning. I have to admit, my reasons for getting up so early were a bit on the selfish side as I really wanted to get my hands on the goodies I knew were currently in his possession, as opposed to wanting to reciprocate all the times he has come to get me or dropped me off. This has been an immense sacrifice as I am by no means or will ever be a morning person (so you can tell how badly I wanted my goodies). Not to mention, I also left the house with icky greasy hair and extremely daggy clothes. For a split second I was worried about what might happen if they were filming Hello Goodbye, but then the thought of yummy yarn kept me going. So without further ado, may I present the latest addition to my currently very limited yarn stash:

The blue and green wool is a lace weight and so I might try my hand at lace knitting. Not sure though, as high levels of concentration is required and I'm not sure how I will be able to cope with that. The cream coloured wool, I'm going to dye. And the other 2 balls are sock wool which I'm thinking about knitting either hedera (from Spring Knitty) or making another pair of Pomotomus. What about the original black Pomotomus I hear you ask? Well, to be honest I've had trouble making those because it's really difficult to see the pattern when knitting with black yarn. I'm going to pick them up again when I can knit in the sunlight again. I also got the clover yarn cutter. It doubles up as a pendant. Will I ever wear it as such? Ummm... no, I don't think so. Maybe if it was made of solid gold. Mike also got me a heap of knitting and craft magazines. I'm particularly excited about the issue of Interweave Knits!! Ahh.. my very own copy.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

What is one thing that every city has?

Chinatown of course! I went to Perth a couple of weeks ago for work. Having been to Perth one other time, I didn't get a chance to find out where Chinatown was. My parents are really obsessed with visiting every Chinatown in every city. Although I don't have the same obsession, as I feel that Asians are the same whichever city you are in, I got some photos nonetheless to assure my mother that yes, Asians do live in Perth. There is always the Pai Lou (sp?) or red and green gates (see picture below), a BBQ store which would either fascinate or freak out a Westerner and the ubiquitous yum cha restaurant with the lobster tank out the front. Not to mention the 20-something geeky Asian guy with the Honda all revved up.

This trip, I went with a colleague of mine, Ee Laine. I had such a great time. Normally travelling for work is so boring because it means dinner by yourself and well, sympathetic looks from wait people as they take away the second table setting. Ee Laine and I stayed at Miss Maud's again. We had the smorgasboard dinner and smorgasboard breakfast!!

Last week was also the Sydney Writers Festival. There was a call for volunteers with the incentive being some free books and tickets. Not one to let go of a freebie, I put up my hand to do some surveys. I had second thoughts about it at first as I really had a lot of uni stuff to do but greed overcame me (and also the my sense of goodwill) and so went anyway. I'm glad I did because I got to meet some really interesting people. The main one being the woman who runs Bibliophile. There were also a few weirdos and some rather nasty people as well but I guess that was to be expected. I also walked past Andrew Daddo. Okay, so he's not Cameron, but hey, he's still on TV right?

Speaking of being on TV, my brother-in-law Mike was on Wheel of Fortune a couple of weeks ago and won a car! We were so excited. He didn't care that he hardly got any answers, the main thing was that he got TOP DOLLAR!!!

Mike is also coming back from the States tomorrow. Prior to him going, I ordered to heap of stuff from Knitpicks and got them delivered to his parent's place in Idaho. I can't wait to get it!! It will be like Christmas and birthday all rolled into one! Wait, it's always Christmas and birthday rolled into one for me every year!!

My collection has recently grew!! These include titles which I got for joining Gleebooks and also the freebie ones I got from volunteering as well as some I just bought. I don't know when I will have time to read all this, seeing as the Sydney Film Festival is on next week!! I am such a festival JUNKIE!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Presents and it's not even my birthday!

Lucille, my younger sister, went to Melbourne with her boyfriend last weekend and brought me home a present. She stayed at the Ramada which is apparently round the corner from Marta's yarns. So she bought me a skein (the ball on the right). I'm not quite sure what I'll make with it yet, but very excited to get it anyhow. The second skein (the one on the left), she bought for me today when she went to Glebe markets. It is silk and the colours are really nice. It's like a kaleidescope of colours. That is one of my favourite words "kaleidescope". Also, being one of my favourite objects as well. I think things like kaleidescopes appeal to people who have short attention spans. They constantly need change and that's me!!

Now the addi turbos in the middle is my current "duh" moment. I found this new website to order addis from ($10.45 including postage!) at yarns galore and I guess in my moment of excitement, accidently clicked the wrong item. They are 2mm needles. I had this mental head slap when I received them - well actually, I got all huffy and thought that she had sent the wrong item. So I checked my email and order confirmation and *duh*!! I had ordered the wrong ones. I needed the 3.5mm for knitting the rest of Reid for baby Jade.

So what is a girl to do with such fine needles? Start knitting lace of course. Once I get my life back in order, I'm going to make a trip out to Annangrove to get some yarn from Jenny at Virgina Farm Woolworks to get some 2ply yarn. I may even try dyeing it myself.

I didn't go to SSK today because I had a full day of uni. I'm hating uni at the moment. I kind of wish I hadn't gone back. It's really not what I expected and don't really know what I'm getting out of it. I hate all the online collaboration stuff we have to do. I don't know if I'm feeling this way because all of a sudden, I have a thousand other more interesting things I want to be doing such as knitting or because I'm really hating the course. One of my biggest disappointments of this course is not meeting new people I can really relate to. It seems as if all the people who are doing the course are just so unsociable!! Then I went for an onsite visit to Ernst and Young for the knowledge management subject that I am doing and that totally freaked me out. I realise that E&Y is definately not a company I would be too interested in working for (unless of course they offered to double my pay - I'm easily paid off). If all knowledge management departments are like the one at E&Y, I should definately quit my course!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Let me present... a sleeve to cry on

I'm sure that when I finally finish this, baby Jade will be wiping a snotty nose on the sleeve. But till that day, may I present...

a sleeve!! Ta da!

I also came across these sticky photos which my sister and I took when we went to Japan quite a few years ago. It reminded me of the fantastic holiday we had because we literally relaxed and really got to know one place (well where my other sister lived). I love sticker photos. We took so many when we went. There are also so many different kinds you can take. Japan is so CUTE!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

At home today

I stayed home from work today because I'm finally admitting that I have a cold. I've been in denial for a while and keep telling myself that it's only allergies. So I thought I should be productive and continue working on my assignment which is due on Monday. But ever the procrastinator, I ended up wasting most of the day away. I cleaned my room because my sister refused to do it even when I offered her $15. Gone are the days when a cheap monetary bribe could get my sister to do my bidding. Then, I went online and replied to some client emails. Then surfed the net a bit (well, okay, a lot) looking at craft and knitting blogs. Then I decided that I had better finish off the bag that I was making for a bag swap I'm participating in. Today was also the last day to post it, so I went to the post office to mail to my exchange buddy. But I forgot to take a photo of it, so hopefully my swap buddy will post a picture on Craftster. Not wanting to waste the opportunity to go to the library, I stopped by at my local. Look what I found:

A japanese book on making soap. Can't read it but love looking at the pictures.

A knitting book in Chinese!! Very retro and not sure if I would actually make anything from it but it is interesting to look at because all the instructions are graphed.

While I was at the library, I also requested an interlibrary loan for the Debbie Stoller book "Happy Hooker". Now, although I work with librarians in my day job, that doesn't make me a librarian. BUT, you would think that someone who is working in a library would understand how interlibrary loans worked and how to find a title in a catalogue!! I had to show the librarian there where to find the title and author so I could fill in the form properly. So disillusioned now! Okay, no more surfing and back to writing that report.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Run rabbit run

My colleague asked me what I was going to do over the Easter long weekend. My answer was that I was going to my parent's farm for a couple of days in which I will endeavour to catch that pesky rabbit which roams free among the rows of tomatoes. Everytime I see that rabbit, that stupid song from the Melbourne ad goes through my mind and for the next three hours, I try to get it out of my head. This is extrememly difficult for anyone who knows the song that I'm talking about...oh! I'm thinking about it now!! Even just typing the words "run rabbit run" it's already singing in my head... run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run. Don't let the farmer have his fun, fun, fun... arghhh..... make it stop!!!!!!

I like going to my parent's place. Mainly for a home cooked meal. I'm not sure if this was something I mentioned before, but I'm really bad at cooking. Not just bad, but terrible. I'm not sure what it is exactly. I love cook books. I read the recipes and think that it seems simple enough, but it NEVER turns out. I'll even admit it now. I can't cook rice. I'm Asian, and I can't cook rice - in a rice cooker. There is this trick that a lot of Asians use when they cook rice in a rice cooker to measure how much water is needed. They put the rice in the pot bit, then add enough water and use their finger to meausure how much water is needed. I've had this procedure explained to me, but perhaps the length of my finger is not the average. Because my rice always come out either too mushy or too hard. I can't explain it. Everyone I know can do the finger thing, but I can't.

My parents live in Goulburn and it gets much colder much faster than Sydney. I always feel sick whenever I go to Goulburn. I think its got to do with the water and the air. The air is really dry and I always get a sore throat and a cold. I'm also allergic to my parent's dogs. I didn't think I had this allergy before, but I always feel like crap whenever I'm there but as soon as I'm driving away, my head seems to clear up pretty quickly and I'm fine again. Maybe I can't deal with fresh air, having lived in Sydney most of my life with the constant pollution.

Here is a picture of Charlie and Cherry with my sisters.

I've started making Pomatomus. I'm using Patonyle which is kind of boring because of the colours. But everyone needs black socks right? I've actually frogged this a couple of times because I've been distracted whilst trying to count the pattern repeat. My sister is constantly talking to me while I'm counting. Argh... it drivers me beserk because I'm quite impatient and can't stand doing things twice. Anyway, now that I'm up to the gusset, I realised that I've been reading the pattern wrong. It's back to front. But I think it should turn out okay. I'll make the second one properly. I've also splurged on a new pair of bamboo DPNs. Lucille, my constantly chattering sister can't understand paying nearly $12 for something that looks like toothpicks. I'm itching to get a pair of Addi circulars. But I'm going to wait till next pay day. On a happier note, I've also found a newsagent that stocks Martha Stewart Living AND Vogue Knitting. I want, no NEED a subscription to these two titles. One day...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Construction work

I've been catching the train to work for a few months now. I've discovered that it's actually making me more punctual to work because I have to force myself to get up in the morning to get the train. When I was driving, I would always be late because I always said to myself "5 more minutes!!". When I was a poor uni student, I used to HATE catching public transport. But now I actually enjoy it because I get to sleep, read and knit on the train. At the moment, they are re-doing Chatswood station and I think they are building something there. I took a photo of the construction this morning on my way to work, because I'm quite fascinated by how something that is on such a large scale be acomplished by little men in bright orange vests!!

Here is a photo of the shrug that I am knitting using the pattern on Craftster. It's actually sucking up a lot more wool than I anticipated. I was hoping that I can get this done with about 6 skeins, but I had to keep going back for more wool. It just looks like a blanket at the moment, but hopefully when it gets all stitched up, it will resemble something wearable. Also, with this wool, because it has a component of angora in it, it's leaving behind all this fluff on my black clothes!! I actually look quite feral when I get off the train after knitting it.

Friday, March 17, 2006


I've been really quiet lately and that is due to a couple reasons. Firstly being, I've just started postgraduate studies and am now working my way through the Grad Dip in Knowledge Management. To a lot of people, this sounds like a glorified Information Management degree. It's actually a bit more than that because the focus isn't just on managing information (like in a library context) but focuses on communication as well. I don't like telling people that I'm studying this because, well.. becuase I don't like explaining. It's like how I give people looks when they tell me that they are doing a course on Project Management. Why that requires a separate degree, I don't understand, but then the people who do it probably feel that this is hugely necessary. Second reason why I've been neglecting the blog is that my digital camera batteries have become flat and I just have not had the time to do the environmental thing and get rechargeable batteries. I have literally had no time to go shopping! If they don't sell it in Lindfield where I work, then I've been living without it.

I have, however, been quite busy on the knitting front. I've completed about 70% of the maroon vest. I got to a point where I decided to make it a V-neck, but the problem with that is I'm having trouble continuing the other side of the V. So at the moment, it has been relegated into the "too hard basket". I also made this
funny pixie hat
from notmartha with some scrap wool I had (pictures in next post). I have also started a circular shrug from Craftster from some wool which I got for 50% off at the LYS in Lindfield.

I've been trying to get some inspiration from Anthropologie for my next project. It looks like a bunch of nanny squares which I can crochet pretty quickly!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Finally, as promised...

Finally, as promised, here is the wool that I bought off the nice lady in Goulburn (Penny Pearce) who owns the alapacas. She shears and spins the wool herself. It's extremely soft.

I've started to make the shawl from the super simple pattern that I got from Paula from Ruby and Lana's but I don't think I really like it. I'm going to take it apart and start making a scarf instead. I'm very ambitious so it won't just be some knit and purl number. I want to make one with a fine lacy pattern on it. Hopefully when I finish it by the time winter rolls around, I will be getting comments like "wow, where did you get that from? It looks so ... designer!" The maroon vest has been rather neglected of late. I think it started when my sister told me that it reminded her of school. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure what ever possessed me to choose maroon. Should have just got black. But I'll persevere with it because I'm not as traumatised as a friend of mine who went to Abbotsleigh. She can no longer wear green.

The other thing which has been occupying my time is a book I picked up from St Vinnies. It's called Save Karyn by Karyn Bosnak. Talks about a girl who gets herself into serious debt trouble and creates a website asking people to help her with paying off her credit card debt. Even though my finances aren't as tragic as her, there was so much of it that I can relate to. For example, when you're in a shop that sells stuff for $500 and above, when you come across something for $200, it seems like a bargain! Gets me thinking about my finances. When I first started reading this book, although I could relate to certain situations, I was appalled by the amount of money she would spend on groceries alone. But as I kept reading, I can understand how all this could easily spiral out of control. At least I have Raymond to keep me in check. Everybody needs someone who is good with money in the relationship. Having said that, Raymond can be frivolous, he just thinks about his frivolous purchases a bit longer that I would.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Christmas and birthdays in the mix

Every year, I get one present each from my family because of the unfortunate fact that my birthday is on Boxing Day. Usually, I get one big present wrapped in Christmas wrap. This year was no different. However, this year, Raymond threw caution to the wind and bought me a 12" iBook. Even though both of us have very little experience with the mac operating system. We'd discussed which laptop we should buy and for a long time it was going to be this ugly Acer which was going for a bargain basement price of under $1000. We went into the Apple store in Chatswood and like a lemming, instantly fell in love with the whiteness of the iBook. Seeing as I'm going back to uni this year, he decided to get me this for assignments. Its been named Thunderbird by his friend who set up all the programs for us. It also has two logins. One for me and one for him. Even though its for me, I know that there will be some struggle as to how we are going to share custody of it. This is a photo of Thunderbird: