Saturday, January 07, 2006

Christmas and birthdays in the mix

Every year, I get one present each from my family because of the unfortunate fact that my birthday is on Boxing Day. Usually, I get one big present wrapped in Christmas wrap. This year was no different. However, this year, Raymond threw caution to the wind and bought me a 12" iBook. Even though both of us have very little experience with the mac operating system. We'd discussed which laptop we should buy and for a long time it was going to be this ugly Acer which was going for a bargain basement price of under $1000. We went into the Apple store in Chatswood and like a lemming, instantly fell in love with the whiteness of the iBook. Seeing as I'm going back to uni this year, he decided to get me this for assignments. Its been named Thunderbird by his friend who set up all the programs for us. It also has two logins. One for me and one for him. Even though its for me, I know that there will be some struggle as to how we are going to share custody of it. This is a photo of Thunderbird:

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  1. Ah, the unbearable whiteness of being. I understand the beauty of the Mac. I am often wistful about an Apple Classic I had once upon a time back in the mid 1990s. And my iPod is FANTASTIC. I'm digitising all my records (yes, vinyl) onto mp3 so I can listen to them. Along with the podcasts of course. My favourite is Cast On. You, as a knitter, would love it.


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