Thursday, January 19, 2006

Finally, as promised...

Finally, as promised, here is the wool that I bought off the nice lady in Goulburn (Penny Pearce) who owns the alapacas. She shears and spins the wool herself. It's extremely soft.

I've started to make the shawl from the super simple pattern that I got from Paula from Ruby and Lana's but I don't think I really like it. I'm going to take it apart and start making a scarf instead. I'm very ambitious so it won't just be some knit and purl number. I want to make one with a fine lacy pattern on it. Hopefully when I finish it by the time winter rolls around, I will be getting comments like "wow, where did you get that from? It looks so ... designer!" The maroon vest has been rather neglected of late. I think it started when my sister told me that it reminded her of school. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure what ever possessed me to choose maroon. Should have just got black. But I'll persevere with it because I'm not as traumatised as a friend of mine who went to Abbotsleigh. She can no longer wear green.

The other thing which has been occupying my time is a book I picked up from St Vinnies. It's called Save Karyn by Karyn Bosnak. Talks about a girl who gets herself into serious debt trouble and creates a website asking people to help her with paying off her credit card debt. Even though my finances aren't as tragic as her, there was so much of it that I can relate to. For example, when you're in a shop that sells stuff for $500 and above, when you come across something for $200, it seems like a bargain! Gets me thinking about my finances. When I first started reading this book, although I could relate to certain situations, I was appalled by the amount of money she would spend on groceries alone. But as I kept reading, I can understand how all this could easily spiral out of control. At least I have Raymond to keep me in check. Everybody needs someone who is good with money in the relationship. Having said that, Raymond can be frivolous, he just thinks about his frivolous purchases a bit longer that I would.

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