Friday, March 24, 2006

Construction work

I've been catching the train to work for a few months now. I've discovered that it's actually making me more punctual to work because I have to force myself to get up in the morning to get the train. When I was driving, I would always be late because I always said to myself "5 more minutes!!". When I was a poor uni student, I used to HATE catching public transport. But now I actually enjoy it because I get to sleep, read and knit on the train. At the moment, they are re-doing Chatswood station and I think they are building something there. I took a photo of the construction this morning on my way to work, because I'm quite fascinated by how something that is on such a large scale be acomplished by little men in bright orange vests!!

Here is a photo of the shrug that I am knitting using the pattern on Craftster. It's actually sucking up a lot more wool than I anticipated. I was hoping that I can get this done with about 6 skeins, but I had to keep going back for more wool. It just looks like a blanket at the moment, but hopefully when it gets all stitched up, it will resemble something wearable. Also, with this wool, because it has a component of angora in it, it's leaving behind all this fluff on my black clothes!! I actually look quite feral when I get off the train after knitting it.

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