Friday, March 17, 2006


I've been really quiet lately and that is due to a couple reasons. Firstly being, I've just started postgraduate studies and am now working my way through the Grad Dip in Knowledge Management. To a lot of people, this sounds like a glorified Information Management degree. It's actually a bit more than that because the focus isn't just on managing information (like in a library context) but focuses on communication as well. I don't like telling people that I'm studying this because, well.. becuase I don't like explaining. It's like how I give people looks when they tell me that they are doing a course on Project Management. Why that requires a separate degree, I don't understand, but then the people who do it probably feel that this is hugely necessary. Second reason why I've been neglecting the blog is that my digital camera batteries have become flat and I just have not had the time to do the environmental thing and get rechargeable batteries. I have literally had no time to go shopping! If they don't sell it in Lindfield where I work, then I've been living without it.

I have, however, been quite busy on the knitting front. I've completed about 70% of the maroon vest. I got to a point where I decided to make it a V-neck, but the problem with that is I'm having trouble continuing the other side of the V. So at the moment, it has been relegated into the "too hard basket". I also made this
funny pixie hat
from notmartha with some scrap wool I had (pictures in next post). I have also started a circular shrug from Craftster from some wool which I got for 50% off at the LYS in Lindfield.

I've been trying to get some inspiration from Anthropologie for my next project. It looks like a bunch of nanny squares which I can crochet pretty quickly!

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