Sunday, April 16, 2006

Run rabbit run

My colleague asked me what I was going to do over the Easter long weekend. My answer was that I was going to my parent's farm for a couple of days in which I will endeavour to catch that pesky rabbit which roams free among the rows of tomatoes. Everytime I see that rabbit, that stupid song from the Melbourne ad goes through my mind and for the next three hours, I try to get it out of my head. This is extrememly difficult for anyone who knows the song that I'm talking about...oh! I'm thinking about it now!! Even just typing the words "run rabbit run" it's already singing in my head... run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run. Don't let the farmer have his fun, fun, fun... arghhh..... make it stop!!!!!!

I like going to my parent's place. Mainly for a home cooked meal. I'm not sure if this was something I mentioned before, but I'm really bad at cooking. Not just bad, but terrible. I'm not sure what it is exactly. I love cook books. I read the recipes and think that it seems simple enough, but it NEVER turns out. I'll even admit it now. I can't cook rice. I'm Asian, and I can't cook rice - in a rice cooker. There is this trick that a lot of Asians use when they cook rice in a rice cooker to measure how much water is needed. They put the rice in the pot bit, then add enough water and use their finger to meausure how much water is needed. I've had this procedure explained to me, but perhaps the length of my finger is not the average. Because my rice always come out either too mushy or too hard. I can't explain it. Everyone I know can do the finger thing, but I can't.

My parents live in Goulburn and it gets much colder much faster than Sydney. I always feel sick whenever I go to Goulburn. I think its got to do with the water and the air. The air is really dry and I always get a sore throat and a cold. I'm also allergic to my parent's dogs. I didn't think I had this allergy before, but I always feel like crap whenever I'm there but as soon as I'm driving away, my head seems to clear up pretty quickly and I'm fine again. Maybe I can't deal with fresh air, having lived in Sydney most of my life with the constant pollution.

Here is a picture of Charlie and Cherry with my sisters.

I've started making Pomatomus. I'm using Patonyle which is kind of boring because of the colours. But everyone needs black socks right? I've actually frogged this a couple of times because I've been distracted whilst trying to count the pattern repeat. My sister is constantly talking to me while I'm counting. Argh... it drivers me beserk because I'm quite impatient and can't stand doing things twice. Anyway, now that I'm up to the gusset, I realised that I've been reading the pattern wrong. It's back to front. But I think it should turn out okay. I'll make the second one properly. I've also splurged on a new pair of bamboo DPNs. Lucille, my constantly chattering sister can't understand paying nearly $12 for something that looks like toothpicks. I'm itching to get a pair of Addi circulars. But I'm going to wait till next pay day. On a happier note, I've also found a newsagent that stocks Martha Stewart Living AND Vogue Knitting. I want, no NEED a subscription to these two titles. One day...

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