Saturday, May 13, 2006

Presents and it's not even my birthday!

Lucille, my younger sister, went to Melbourne with her boyfriend last weekend and brought me home a present. She stayed at the Ramada which is apparently round the corner from Marta's yarns. So she bought me a skein (the ball on the right). I'm not quite sure what I'll make with it yet, but very excited to get it anyhow. The second skein (the one on the left), she bought for me today when she went to Glebe markets. It is silk and the colours are really nice. It's like a kaleidescope of colours. That is one of my favourite words "kaleidescope". Also, being one of my favourite objects as well. I think things like kaleidescopes appeal to people who have short attention spans. They constantly need change and that's me!!

Now the addi turbos in the middle is my current "duh" moment. I found this new website to order addis from ($10.45 including postage!) at yarns galore and I guess in my moment of excitement, accidently clicked the wrong item. They are 2mm needles. I had this mental head slap when I received them - well actually, I got all huffy and thought that she had sent the wrong item. So I checked my email and order confirmation and *duh*!! I had ordered the wrong ones. I needed the 3.5mm for knitting the rest of Reid for baby Jade.

So what is a girl to do with such fine needles? Start knitting lace of course. Once I get my life back in order, I'm going to make a trip out to Annangrove to get some yarn from Jenny at Virgina Farm Woolworks to get some 2ply yarn. I may even try dyeing it myself.

I didn't go to SSK today because I had a full day of uni. I'm hating uni at the moment. I kind of wish I hadn't gone back. It's really not what I expected and don't really know what I'm getting out of it. I hate all the online collaboration stuff we have to do. I don't know if I'm feeling this way because all of a sudden, I have a thousand other more interesting things I want to be doing such as knitting or because I'm really hating the course. One of my biggest disappointments of this course is not meeting new people I can really relate to. It seems as if all the people who are doing the course are just so unsociable!! Then I went for an onsite visit to Ernst and Young for the knowledge management subject that I am doing and that totally freaked me out. I realise that E&Y is definately not a company I would be too interested in working for (unless of course they offered to double my pay - I'm easily paid off). If all knowledge management departments are like the one at E&Y, I should definately quit my course!!

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  1. The photo of the grasses against the fence is beautiful. I've bought a few Australiana cards from a girlfriend who is a professional photographer and this would fit right in with her pictures.


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