Thursday, June 29, 2006

But David, I think you are too harsh..

Unfortunately, I never choose to see a movie based on what David and Margaret says (surely the generation gap would cause some friction?). In fact, my methods of choosing what to see at the recent Sydney film festival was really based on what I could fit in on my days off.

First movie was Perhaps Love with Takeshi Kasheniro starring. I was a bit apprehensive about watching this movie because it was touted as a chinese musical. Ummm.. apart from chinese opera, when did the chinese ever get into musicals? Not quite their forte. But I really enjoyed this film. Who wouldn't? If only Takeshi was serenading me!! There is one really touching moment where even a corner of my heart melted (makes me sound kind of hard doesn't it? But I'm really a romantic at heart!). I highly recommend it, as it has been made into a movie within a movie with a touch of bollywood.

On my day off, I saw 2 films. Something like happiness and Host & Guest.

Something like Happiness - a Czech movie about a girl who dreams of going to meet up with her boyfriend in America but has to look after the children of a friend who has been put into a mental institution. This movie was one of those ones where a lot of nothing happens and you wonder what just happened to 2 hours of your life. Whilst I thought it was an okay movie, I still felt a bit lost when I came out. Like, what was the point of the movie?

Host & Guest - a Korean movie about an athiest and a Catholic trying to convert each other. It starts of quite funny but like most Korean movies I've seen so far, they ALWAYS try to put a serious side to it and make it somehow tragic. Whilst there was no fatal tragedy in this movie, ie nobody died of some acute disease which only 1 in 5 billion people would get, it did end on a rather serious note.

I went to see one more film for the SFF with my colleague Ee Laine on a rather bitterly cold Friday night.

C.R.A.Z.Y - a French Canadian film about a boy who was born on Christmas day and had to endure midnight mass throughout his childhood. This movie struck quite a few chords with me because I know EXACTLY how he feels having a birthday so close to Christmas. The main ones being the one present for both occasions and having it wrapped in Christmas wrap. This movie had everything I like about a good movie. It had me laughing out loud and silently wiping away tears (see not so hard after all). I highly recommend this film.

Last night, I saw another film at Roseville. It was the film they used for the opening night at the SFF.

Ten Canoes - an Australian Aboriginal film told through a story. This film has excellent scenery and apparently is quite authentic in it's costuming (you'll know what I mean when you go see it). But to tell you the truth, it was just a bit too slow for me. I don't know if it was because I had to get up early yesterday morning, but I was actually starting to fall asleep halfway through it. It's one of those movies that is supposed to be good, but maybe not everyone would think so.

So what to next? Enough with the arthouse films! I'm going to see Superman, and all the current kiddy movies that are out!!

Oh, apart from knitting did I tell you that one of my other most favourite things to do is go to the movies?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Interstate day trips really take it out of me. Even though my flight wasn't till 7am this morning, I still had to get up at 4.30am. I am always so spaced out at that time of the morning. I can't believe that I managed to drive myself to the airport. Normally I take a cab and try to appear unsociable so that the cabbie won't try small talk with me. But seeing as I've moved to Carlingford, I thought I'd save the company some money and park my car at the airport. Otherwise, the cab fare would be as expensive as the airplane tickets. Brisbane was really nice and sunny. I once thought it might be nice to live there, but I'm thinking that I quite like Adelaide. If only they paid well in Adelaide (and jobs existed)!! But then I have friends moving up from Adelaide - it might seem a bit backwards to move in the opposite direction.

Did I mention that I only have one more assignment left? Yes, one left!! Then I'll be free!!! More time to devote to my knitting and other crafty pursuits. I am also looking forward to more time off. I had a really long weekend, but apart from going to visit my parents, most of my time was spent working on this last assignment. But next week, I've got a couple of days off too. And what will I be doing? Watching movies of course. I got some tickets to the Sydney Film Festival. If only I didn't have to work to make money. Actually, I'd be happy with a 2pm-10pm job.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Adding to my stash

I got up way too early this morning to go with my sisters to pick up Mike from the airport this morning. I have to admit, my reasons for getting up so early were a bit on the selfish side as I really wanted to get my hands on the goodies I knew were currently in his possession, as opposed to wanting to reciprocate all the times he has come to get me or dropped me off. This has been an immense sacrifice as I am by no means or will ever be a morning person (so you can tell how badly I wanted my goodies). Not to mention, I also left the house with icky greasy hair and extremely daggy clothes. For a split second I was worried about what might happen if they were filming Hello Goodbye, but then the thought of yummy yarn kept me going. So without further ado, may I present the latest addition to my currently very limited yarn stash:

The blue and green wool is a lace weight and so I might try my hand at lace knitting. Not sure though, as high levels of concentration is required and I'm not sure how I will be able to cope with that. The cream coloured wool, I'm going to dye. And the other 2 balls are sock wool which I'm thinking about knitting either hedera (from Spring Knitty) or making another pair of Pomotomus. What about the original black Pomotomus I hear you ask? Well, to be honest I've had trouble making those because it's really difficult to see the pattern when knitting with black yarn. I'm going to pick them up again when I can knit in the sunlight again. I also got the clover yarn cutter. It doubles up as a pendant. Will I ever wear it as such? Ummm... no, I don't think so. Maybe if it was made of solid gold. Mike also got me a heap of knitting and craft magazines. I'm particularly excited about the issue of Interweave Knits!! Ahh.. my very own copy.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

What is one thing that every city has?

Chinatown of course! I went to Perth a couple of weeks ago for work. Having been to Perth one other time, I didn't get a chance to find out where Chinatown was. My parents are really obsessed with visiting every Chinatown in every city. Although I don't have the same obsession, as I feel that Asians are the same whichever city you are in, I got some photos nonetheless to assure my mother that yes, Asians do live in Perth. There is always the Pai Lou (sp?) or red and green gates (see picture below), a BBQ store which would either fascinate or freak out a Westerner and the ubiquitous yum cha restaurant with the lobster tank out the front. Not to mention the 20-something geeky Asian guy with the Honda all revved up.

This trip, I went with a colleague of mine, Ee Laine. I had such a great time. Normally travelling for work is so boring because it means dinner by yourself and well, sympathetic looks from wait people as they take away the second table setting. Ee Laine and I stayed at Miss Maud's again. We had the smorgasboard dinner and smorgasboard breakfast!!

Last week was also the Sydney Writers Festival. There was a call for volunteers with the incentive being some free books and tickets. Not one to let go of a freebie, I put up my hand to do some surveys. I had second thoughts about it at first as I really had a lot of uni stuff to do but greed overcame me (and also the my sense of goodwill) and so went anyway. I'm glad I did because I got to meet some really interesting people. The main one being the woman who runs Bibliophile. There were also a few weirdos and some rather nasty people as well but I guess that was to be expected. I also walked past Andrew Daddo. Okay, so he's not Cameron, but hey, he's still on TV right?

Speaking of being on TV, my brother-in-law Mike was on Wheel of Fortune a couple of weeks ago and won a car! We were so excited. He didn't care that he hardly got any answers, the main thing was that he got TOP DOLLAR!!!

Mike is also coming back from the States tomorrow. Prior to him going, I ordered to heap of stuff from Knitpicks and got them delivered to his parent's place in Idaho. I can't wait to get it!! It will be like Christmas and birthday all rolled into one! Wait, it's always Christmas and birthday rolled into one for me every year!!

My collection has recently grew!! These include titles which I got for joining Gleebooks and also the freebie ones I got from volunteering as well as some I just bought. I don't know when I will have time to read all this, seeing as the Sydney Film Festival is on next week!! I am such a festival JUNKIE!!