Thursday, June 29, 2006

But David, I think you are too harsh..

Unfortunately, I never choose to see a movie based on what David and Margaret says (surely the generation gap would cause some friction?). In fact, my methods of choosing what to see at the recent Sydney film festival was really based on what I could fit in on my days off.

First movie was Perhaps Love with Takeshi Kasheniro starring. I was a bit apprehensive about watching this movie because it was touted as a chinese musical. Ummm.. apart from chinese opera, when did the chinese ever get into musicals? Not quite their forte. But I really enjoyed this film. Who wouldn't? If only Takeshi was serenading me!! There is one really touching moment where even a corner of my heart melted (makes me sound kind of hard doesn't it? But I'm really a romantic at heart!). I highly recommend it, as it has been made into a movie within a movie with a touch of bollywood.

On my day off, I saw 2 films. Something like happiness and Host & Guest.

Something like Happiness - a Czech movie about a girl who dreams of going to meet up with her boyfriend in America but has to look after the children of a friend who has been put into a mental institution. This movie was one of those ones where a lot of nothing happens and you wonder what just happened to 2 hours of your life. Whilst I thought it was an okay movie, I still felt a bit lost when I came out. Like, what was the point of the movie?

Host & Guest - a Korean movie about an athiest and a Catholic trying to convert each other. It starts of quite funny but like most Korean movies I've seen so far, they ALWAYS try to put a serious side to it and make it somehow tragic. Whilst there was no fatal tragedy in this movie, ie nobody died of some acute disease which only 1 in 5 billion people would get, it did end on a rather serious note.

I went to see one more film for the SFF with my colleague Ee Laine on a rather bitterly cold Friday night.

C.R.A.Z.Y - a French Canadian film about a boy who was born on Christmas day and had to endure midnight mass throughout his childhood. This movie struck quite a few chords with me because I know EXACTLY how he feels having a birthday so close to Christmas. The main ones being the one present for both occasions and having it wrapped in Christmas wrap. This movie had everything I like about a good movie. It had me laughing out loud and silently wiping away tears (see not so hard after all). I highly recommend this film.

Last night, I saw another film at Roseville. It was the film they used for the opening night at the SFF.

Ten Canoes - an Australian Aboriginal film told through a story. This film has excellent scenery and apparently is quite authentic in it's costuming (you'll know what I mean when you go see it). But to tell you the truth, it was just a bit too slow for me. I don't know if it was because I had to get up early yesterday morning, but I was actually starting to fall asleep halfway through it. It's one of those movies that is supposed to be good, but maybe not everyone would think so.

So what to next? Enough with the arthouse films! I'm going to see Superman, and all the current kiddy movies that are out!!

Oh, apart from knitting did I tell you that one of my other most favourite things to do is go to the movies?

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