Thursday, June 15, 2006

Interstate day trips really take it out of me. Even though my flight wasn't till 7am this morning, I still had to get up at 4.30am. I am always so spaced out at that time of the morning. I can't believe that I managed to drive myself to the airport. Normally I take a cab and try to appear unsociable so that the cabbie won't try small talk with me. But seeing as I've moved to Carlingford, I thought I'd save the company some money and park my car at the airport. Otherwise, the cab fare would be as expensive as the airplane tickets. Brisbane was really nice and sunny. I once thought it might be nice to live there, but I'm thinking that I quite like Adelaide. If only they paid well in Adelaide (and jobs existed)!! But then I have friends moving up from Adelaide - it might seem a bit backwards to move in the opposite direction.

Did I mention that I only have one more assignment left? Yes, one left!! Then I'll be free!!! More time to devote to my knitting and other crafty pursuits. I am also looking forward to more time off. I had a really long weekend, but apart from going to visit my parents, most of my time was spent working on this last assignment. But next week, I've got a couple of days off too. And what will I be doing? Watching movies of course. I got some tickets to the Sydney Film Festival. If only I didn't have to work to make money. Actually, I'd be happy with a 2pm-10pm job.

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