Saturday, June 03, 2006

What is one thing that every city has?

Chinatown of course! I went to Perth a couple of weeks ago for work. Having been to Perth one other time, I didn't get a chance to find out where Chinatown was. My parents are really obsessed with visiting every Chinatown in every city. Although I don't have the same obsession, as I feel that Asians are the same whichever city you are in, I got some photos nonetheless to assure my mother that yes, Asians do live in Perth. There is always the Pai Lou (sp?) or red and green gates (see picture below), a BBQ store which would either fascinate or freak out a Westerner and the ubiquitous yum cha restaurant with the lobster tank out the front. Not to mention the 20-something geeky Asian guy with the Honda all revved up.

This trip, I went with a colleague of mine, Ee Laine. I had such a great time. Normally travelling for work is so boring because it means dinner by yourself and well, sympathetic looks from wait people as they take away the second table setting. Ee Laine and I stayed at Miss Maud's again. We had the smorgasboard dinner and smorgasboard breakfast!!

Last week was also the Sydney Writers Festival. There was a call for volunteers with the incentive being some free books and tickets. Not one to let go of a freebie, I put up my hand to do some surveys. I had second thoughts about it at first as I really had a lot of uni stuff to do but greed overcame me (and also the my sense of goodwill) and so went anyway. I'm glad I did because I got to meet some really interesting people. The main one being the woman who runs Bibliophile. There were also a few weirdos and some rather nasty people as well but I guess that was to be expected. I also walked past Andrew Daddo. Okay, so he's not Cameron, but hey, he's still on TV right?

Speaking of being on TV, my brother-in-law Mike was on Wheel of Fortune a couple of weeks ago and won a car! We were so excited. He didn't care that he hardly got any answers, the main thing was that he got TOP DOLLAR!!!

Mike is also coming back from the States tomorrow. Prior to him going, I ordered to heap of stuff from Knitpicks and got them delivered to his parent's place in Idaho. I can't wait to get it!! It will be like Christmas and birthday all rolled into one! Wait, it's always Christmas and birthday rolled into one for me every year!!

My collection has recently grew!! These include titles which I got for joining Gleebooks and also the freebie ones I got from volunteering as well as some I just bought. I don't know when I will have time to read all this, seeing as the Sydney Film Festival is on next week!! I am such a festival JUNKIE!!

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