Saturday, August 05, 2006

Look and you will find

Finally found the USB connector thingy for my camera. It's amazing how you can keep looking for something and never find it. Then when you double check a place you think you have looked at a hundred times, it's there. Anyway, less talk, more photos. It's catch up time.

My one skein package. It's a skein of Rowan, Jo Sharp, 2 stitch markers, and a knitted flower. Charley also included a photo of her cat "Charley"!

My father's snow peas. It's a really sad state at the moment because they are growing really slowly. Goulburn is still really cold and it looks like winter isn't going to lift till end of September.

I've been wanting to take a series of these photos ever since summer when I saw how the light reflected off the plastic inside the greenhouses. However, during winter it seems even more beautiful - melancholy even - looking at the shadows dancing across the white of the greenhouse walls. I'm no photographer (everyone just has digital cameras these days!!), but I quite like how these photos turned out. I've posted the others on flickr.

My parents have got it in their heads that they would like to start keeping some sheep. What this means is I will have to go and research on keeping sheep and I will be the person ultimately ensuring their well being. Part of me is quite apprehensive about the whole sheep thing, but the other part of me thinks how cute lambs would be!! And imagine if I could spin wool from sheep on our own farm!! But having said that, I think at the end of the day it might be more trouble than it is worth.

Anyway, this week I was in Adelaide for two days. Did I ever mention that I really like Adelaide. I'm finding that I am really starting to get to know Adelaide. I can actually get around without a map. However, some may argue that Adelaide isn't big enough to require a map! I love staying at the Hotel Richmond where they give you little Aveda shampoo. A client of mine always gives me recommendations on where to eat. Her last suggestion was Ying Chow on Gouger St. So I actually trekked across town to look for Ying Chow. When I finally found it, it was packed. There was a queue out the front. It also looked like a place where you can't sit there with a book and eat by yourself. It was a definitely family and friends sort of place. Someone eating there on their own would have appeared way too tragic. I ended up in a Thai restaurant on Hindley St. It was bad Thai. Don't go there. I've since found out from a friend that Thai is not reknowned for in Adelaide.

I went to my book club meeting tonight too. We read an Agatha Christie book "Till there were none". This is totally un-PC but I really liked the rhyme that is in the book. You should check it out - I couldn't stop laughing.

A friend of mine of wrote a post on his blog about mynah birds. I can totally relate. Having lived out west for a really long time, there was nothing more annoying than the mynah bird. But now living in the north, there is nothing more annoying than a kookaburra at 7am on a Sunday morning. Why can't birds just tweet?

Oh, and you know how I said that I hate uni? Well to add insult to injury, it has now given me a tax debt!! How pathetic is that?? I've decided to do only one subject this semester. That means I can have a healthy balance of studying, working, knitting and sanity.


  1. I like the photo! Very much a winter vibe - ah the old days in NZ...

  2. Awesome pictures ! I could nominate some of these for photography contest.

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  4. Try guinea pigs, we're cute too ! Though we don't produce wool ...

  5. I love Adelaide too. Its not true about only bad Thai. Try the Star of Siam on Gouger St next time. And can you pick me up some of Lucia's pasta sauce from the market. Oh, and a truffle or two from Swiss Glory.I posted your second parcel today. I rewarded myself with a vist to one of the LYS I know and just looked. No inspiration as I have enough to do at the moment. Three cheers for work, study life balance. Very important to us mortals.


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