Monday, September 04, 2006


I had a bit of a mini crisis over the weekend. My older sister turned 30. This means that I'm not far behind as she is only one year older than me. I was thinking about where I thought I would be when I was 15, 18 and 25. The fact is, nothing much has changed. I've never really felt that my life would be better when I got to a certain age. I always enjoyed whatever age I was. Although the biggest thing to happen to me when I turned 25 was that my car insurance became cheaper.

So what did I want to do career-wise? No idea actually. I knew that I didn't want to be a librarian (so I went and did an information studies course which has qualified me to be one). But what I did know, was that I wanted an office with a harbour view. Then I realised that only whip-lashing managers got those. Oh well, there goes that idea.

Anyway, we ended up going to Tharen to celebrate this milestone for my sister. It's located in this tiny little lane in Kings Cross, next to a brothel. I'm not sure how I feel about the injecting room in Kings Cross (I still haven't made up my mind about that), but I was glad that it wasn't along the way because Kellet Lane (or was that Way?) already looks like it belongs in an opening scene of CSI (where they discover the body).

We talked about creativity tonight in my uni class. Apparently, everyone has some sort of creativity in them. But I really fail to find mine. I think that I'm pretty good at replication (hence the knitting and following a pattern thing), but to try to think of my own would be like trying to decide between knitting with cashmerino or alpaca (near impossible).

This Thursday is my last day in my current job. Then I have 2 weeks off, in which I shall endeavor to sleep as much as possible, knit as much as I can, finally do that bush walk in Lane Cove National park and perhaps fit in some Uni work in between. Oh, and perhaps learn how to make Creme Brulee. I've already got the blow torch.

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  1. The blow torch is a GREAT party trick. Leave the bruleeing until you serve it, and let people torch their own. They love it, especially the blokes.


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