Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas on the farm

Since my parents moved to Goulburn three years ago, we have driven down to spend Christmas with them. This year was no different. Seeing as my birthday is the next day, we celebrate that as well while we are down there. This year, I got new clothes, opera tickets (well Raymond paid for my opera subscription - so that was for birthday and Christmas together). My older sister also got me this really beautiful luggage tag from Harrods when she was in London earlier this year. Seeing as I no longer travel for my work, I'm going to use it on my laptop bag instead. My younger sister got me the Knitting pattern-a-day calendar. That was really cute.

I spent an extra few days in Goulburn, hoping to a) get more knitting done, b) read more books, c) work out how to use photoshop and dreamweaver. I did get to knit and finished one sock, started on Eragon so that I can go see the movie soon but darn! forgot to bring the laptop and so didn't get started on learning the two programs.

In the extra days I was there, I went to see a A Night at the Museum. Movies at the Lilac cinema in Goulburn is $7.00 which is pretty cheap. It has always been my intention to see as many films as I can when I go there because I will be absolutely devastated if it were to close due to low patronage.

We also drove 45 minutes to Canberra (interstate!!) to have dinner there one night as well. We normally only go as far as Dixon. This is because there are some half decent Chinese restaurants there. I have tried one Chinese and one Vietnamese restaurant in Goulburn. Never again!!!

Family portrait at the park - the farm doesn't look this lush unfortunately

I walked up to the top of the property and took these photos at sunset. It really is very beautiful during dusk.

The fence which separates us from the neighbours.

Charlie Bear - but we normally just call him Charlie.

I completed one sock while in holiday mode. The is the Lacy Mock cable socks

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