Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy 60th Breck!

Whilst I doubt that my friend's partner Breck will be reading this, it was his 60th birthday bash this weekend. He decided to hold it in Gulgong which is about a half hour drive from Mudgee. Although Raymond and I went there not long ago - before I started my new job, I decided to go again, just to spend some time with my uni friends. A friend graciously gave me a lift in her mini and so three of us piled in.

This car is TINY!! But it handles beautifully around bends and seems to really grip the road. Unfortunately, because of my short legs I was put in the back seat. We did, however have the top down on the way there and whilst I thought we looked extremely cool on the road, my face was getting whiplashed by my hair. All because I forgot to bring a hat.

The drive took close to five hours and we went from a nice 25 degrees celcius when we left Sydney to a crisp 15 degrees going through the Blue Mountains and then a hot 35 degrees when we arrived.

I booked some rooms in this hotel which was recommended by my friend (who told us that it is a quaint country pub). I nearly had heart failure when I saw it. The outside looked cute, but the inside was not something I would write home about. There is quaint and there is YUCK! I even took photos to prove that I spent one night there.

I cannot stand icky carpet!! Despite the disappointment with the accomodation, we went and had a swim at the local pool and walked around the historic town, who's claim to fame was that it featured on the old ten dollar bill.

Breck's actual birthday dinner was really nice. I didn't take any photos of the actual event because I thought it would be more fun to enjoy the evening that stressing about taking "that moment" when I'm sure fifty other cameras were getting it down in history. I did get quite drunk though - with the free flowing alcohol and the fact that this dinner was held in wine country.

Today (Sunday), we headed out to Eumby which is Breck's sister's farm. They have several thousand acres of land which they use to run sheep on. When I saw the fleece which was recently shawn, I thought I might give spinning another go. Even though I tried and failed miserably the last time I borrowed a spinning wheel.

Here are some photos from the farm:

Daniel (Breck's nephew) showing us the fleece from some sheep was recently shawn because they managed to get away during shearing time.

Doggie on the left is Lucy and the one on the right is Ravi - two working sheep dogs (no sheep pigs here)

The windmill with the original well (below) used in the times when they had coach stops

Headstone of Michael Lahy. There is a story behind this but to be honest, I've been supporting a hang over all day and really can't remember what it was about - but I think it had something to do with him fighting for the Aborigines in the area at the time.

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