Sunday, December 10, 2006

Have we met before?

Wow, two posts in the one day!! I've been meaning to mention this before, but keep forgetting. So before the onset of alzheimers gets the better of me, I thought I'd post before going to bed. Although it's after 12am so technically, it's kind of like a post for the new day.

I have had three people this week, ask me if they had met me before. Now, if it was one person who happens to be male, I might have thought it was a pick up line, but seeing as they were from a various cross section of people, I thought this is getting weird.

Last Thursday, I went to a Christmas function given by the kind folks at IbisWorld at the Four Seasons hotel. When I was introduced to one of the people who work for IbisWorld, he asked me if we had met previously at some Library and Information function. I told him no, seeing as I myself don't recall ever attending such a function to begin with.

Then yesterday, whilst in Gulgong (with a population of about 150) in a boutique, I was asked by the owner if we had met before as I looked quite familiar. I have been to Gulgong before - like two years ago and the last time I came to Mudgee, we didn't even go as far as Gulgong. Also, I don't recall ever meeting her either. Told her that I doubt we have met, but that I had visited Gulgong two years ago.

Now, here is the weirdo bizzaro thing that happened. Today, just as we were about to head back to Sydney, Daniel - Breck's nephew (see photos from last post), told me that he has this deja vu feeling that we have met before. He started asking me where I went to school, which university I attended, etc. I HAVE NEVER MET THIS BLOKE BEFORE YESTERDAY!!

What is happening??? Is there a doppelganger out there with my face on it?? It is truly freaky. But the strange thing is not the fact that this has happened three times in one week. This has happened quite a lot of times before. Earlier this year, I went to a party at Ee Laine's (my ex-colleague) house for a party and this guy I have never met asked me if we had previously met.

I've lost count the number of times people have asked me this exact same question. I may be able to put some blame into the fact that I have a really bad memory (I only remember really useless things), but on many occasions, I really have never met these people and did not work, grow up or hang out anywhere near where they are from.

So if you walk by someone who looks like me, grab them and get in contact with me!! We may be able to use it to our advantage!!

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