Friday, December 08, 2006

The Office Christmas Party

There are numerous articles in the newspapers and magazines lately on office party etiquette. It seems to be a recurring theme in the "Living" and "Social" sections of the SMH around this time of the year. So it was very surprising to be witness to a few drunken escapades on board the ITS Christmas cruise. Admittedly, our IT department is made of a rather young group of Professionals. They appear to be able to keep the computers and programs running smoothly, but are totally unaware of said publications.

Like a bunch of old biddies, I sat with the other Researchers on the deck of the Captain Cook boat and smirked at the girls who were oblivious to the fact that the Orangutans at Taronga Zoo were able to catch a glimpse of their underwear as we sailed past.

It was fantastic entertainment. I love the fact that I'm working for a company where drunken Christmas parties are all the rage!! The last company I worked for, we had a Christmas lunch in January and prior to that, the company was full of married people who were happy to end the night at seven pm.

We have the Firm's main Christmas party in a couple of weeks, where it is not only the IT people, but also all the accountants and lawyers as well. I'm excited to find out whether they party just as hard - I love good gossip!!

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