Monday, December 11, 2006


Katie taught me how to tat a few months back. I only recently picked it up again seeing as I have a bit more time to play around.

I'm using crotchet cotton as I really do hate unpicking and until I get better at it, I'll stick with the thicker stuff.

Both Katie and I believe that with enough patience, any knot can be unpicked.

Finally went to post my christmas card to Ysolda at lunch. The line at Australia Post was enormous. I felt bad for only having one card to post, so bought an extra international stamp. I'll probably end up sending a Christmas card to my aunt in the States whom I stayed with several years ago when I went for a holiday.

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  1. unpicking tatting is very difficult and tedious. There is a trick, however, for undoing a ring once it has been tightened, and that has made my life as a tatter much easier. It is in the Tatting with Visual Patterns book. Glad to see you are still at it.


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