Monday, January 08, 2007

Project anxiety

So I finished the mock cable socks for my sister's birthday last Friday. That's her feet modelling them.

They have been my train knitting as the whole project consumed less space in my somewhat over-stuffed bag already. Considering I no longer have to lug around a laptop for work anymore, I'm not sure why my handbag is always full of junk.

I'm quite happy with the mock cable socks, but two balls of Patonyle is not enough to make longer socks. As you can see in the picture, they are a bit shorter than I would have liked them.

I was getting a bit anxious about the thought of not having something smaller to knit on the train. I think this is how my father feels about his smoking addiction. He stresses if he knows he has run out of cigarettes and that there is nothing for the next morning. With that antsy feeling and the only yarn store in the city carrying boring sock yarns, I started to look on the internet in between research jobs and found That Spinning Place and quickly ordered this:

to satisfy my yarn addiction.

I'm thinking about making Boudelaire as I realise that I quite like lace knitting.

I was also thinking about my Opera Australia subscription this year. I think it will be my last as it will be the last year that I can subscribe as an under 30s subscriber. I think enough people go through complexes about turning 30. It seems to be adding insult to injury when you have to start paying more for the theatre and the opera. Why can't they make it 31 or 32. At least that way, I can say "thank goodness, I'm only 30"!!

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  1. That Spinning Place has lovely Yarn - I think I'll be shopping there in future. It's a shame about Opera Australia's subscription rates - you should tell them and maybe they'll make an exception in your case!


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