Saturday, January 20, 2007

Technicolour dreamcoat

After a lot of agonising over having to get a wisdom tooth out, I went to the dentist last weekend filled with trepidation (yes, I'm a total wimp when it comes to pain) to have the silly thing removed. It took all of 15 minutes, in which most of the time was taken to administer anaesthetic. I think the dentist thought I was such a drama queen. I was fine after an hour. Considering I put it off for a whole year, now I'm not so sure what all the fuss was about.

I think it's because I know that I will be starting uni soon, I'm trying to get as much "fun" stuff done as I can. I previously posted about this, and now it has become this:

It is Ivy and it still needs a sleeve which I'm currently powering away at. It is also a lot more psychodelic in colour than I imagined it would be. I'm thinking it can be my "Newtown" jacket. To fit in with all the colourful people there. If/when I finish it, this item will be the first full size garment I've made!! Arghh... what a milestone. I've only been knitting since I was eight.

My sister and brother-in-law came back from Japan last weekend. Being the sucker they take me for, I had to drive them to the airport and back when they returned. For my trouble, I received these Japanese craft books and some massive stitch holders.

This morning, I met up with some knitterly friends. One who was an ex-colleague of mine who has been knitting since she was quite young. Having knitted for such a long time, you can imagine her stash would be quite large. So in order to help her reduce her stash, I took these off her hands:

Most of it is laceweight yarn from Patons. I love the "vintage-ness" of them.

Apart from knitting, I am also part of a book group which meets once a month. We probably spend about the first twenty minutes discussing the book and then the next three hours talking about anything and everything. The current book of the month is Mozart's sister. When I went to look for the book, I realised that there were three books with the same title by different authors. I'm very surprised that they would allow this to happen. They being the publishers. Did something slip by the Library of Congress? Did the ISBN people not realise?? Or is it only me who is annoyed and actually care? Even as the author, would they not have at least "googled" the title to see if that title has been used before?? Anyway, apparently, the correct book is the one by Nancy Moser. Two people in the group has already bought the wrong one. It's also the boring one!!

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  1. Congratulations on being brave enough to face the dentist. I put off getting my wisdom teeth out for nearly 15 years, but I am glad I finally did it.

    Thanks for the pho tip - I did finally get an ok pho, I am pretty sure it wasn't vegetarian, but I can modify the recipe and cook my own imitation :)


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