Monday, February 12, 2007

House hunting and other bits and pieces

I spent Saturday like the majority of Sydney people. We went to open houses. Here was how it went:

  • 8.30am - North Parramatta - 3 bedroom mid floor unit - ugly layout, small bedrooms, pathetic view, but it was discounted due to owner wanting to sell
  • 8.45am - North Parramatta - 3 bedroom top floor unit - fantastic layout, large bedrooms, own laundry, skanky stairwell, skanky neighbours
  • 11.45am - Rydalmere - 2 bedroom fibro house - polished floorboards, IT'S A HOUSE!!, needs a lick of paint, IT'S A HOUSE!!, within spitting distance of water, deposit taken (from someone else)
  • 12.15pm - Parramatta - 2 bedroom unit - large balcony, walking distance to Parramatta gaol
  • 1.00pm - Gladesville - lots of open houses available for viewing this day - minimum purchase price $1million
  • 1.30pm - Ryde - 2 bedroom unit - shared laundry, enough said
  • 2.00pm - Dundas - 2x3 bedroom townhouses available - set among "resort style" living - with 500million other people

I was absolutely exhausted after and we did not find one which was worthy of a second viewing. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, there is currently a rental crisis in Sydney due to the changes to the Superannuation laws which make it more attractive to people about to retire to put their money into superannuation than investment properties. Well, if this is the case, where are all these investment properties which should be up for sale???

I also went to see the Egyption exhibition at the National Art Gallery the weekend before. A friend and I decided to catch the train to Canberra which took all of 4 hours each way.

The friend which I stayed with speaks and reads French and was able to translate a lot of information plaques - having lived in Belgium for 15 years. She also works for the Government Department which the National Gallery falls under. I told her that she had better have a word with the translators for the exhibition.

It was a really good exhibition. I love the all things Ancient Egypt. Even though it did seem as if they were quite obsessed with death.

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