Sunday, February 25, 2007

When I was younger, Chinese New Year was such a big deal in my little life. It used to start with a massive clean of the house from top to bottom. Followed by a massive family dinner. My mother, although not extremely religious, kept up certain customs and rituals. The actual New Year day would always be a vegetarian day along with a visit to the Buddhist temple. There was always so much food, prepared for guests and relatives who would come visiting. One thing in particular which makes an appearance every year but I realise I've never been too fond of is the dried sweet lotus seeds. I always find the too sweet and too dry. But what I do look forward to is the copius amounts of peanut brittle, sesame brittle and the new year cake. The cake is this seriously gummy thing which can cause aphyxiation if not chewed properly. However, the ritual which is always most memorable for me is the following morning after New Years day when we get up at around 5-6am and have dinner. That's right, we open the new year with dinner!! I've only started to regularly eat breakfast maybe 2 years ago. So eating such a heavy meal so early in the morning has always been a real chore.

For some reason, CNY goes on and on which is why I don't feel that it is too late to be wishing a happy new year. Even this weekend, we were going around visiting relatives. Of course the other highlight of CNY is the little red packets filled with cash!!

With all this eating, basically going through Christmas, New Year and now Chinese New Year, there is no doubt that the weight would pile on. Well it sure did. In order to fit into my favourite jeans again, I decided that it was time I attempted to get fit. Since October last year, I started the Couch to 5K running program from Cool Runnings. Prior to doing this program, I was running but not consistently nor for very long. I finally completed the whole program today completing the third session of 30 minutes running. I never really thought I would complete it as I don't have very good endurance. I'm extremely proud of myself and now plan to continue the running so that I can do the JP Morgan Chase. I did register to attend this year, but because the weather was so bad, they had to cancel it. At the time I registered, I thought I'd just walk it, but next year, I'd like to attempt to run it.

On the knitting front, I've been working on these socks:

Can you see what is wrong with them? The heel is actually too big - the angle I shot the picture makes it look big as well but it really is very big!! I'm going to have to rip it back.


  1. Howdy - I found your blog while looking for other people who were doing Couch to 5K. Congratulations on finishing, and a very happy new year to you :)

  2. Happy Chinese New Year!!! Oh to receive packets of any time!!


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