Monday, March 12, 2007


Last Friday, I bought a set of knitting needles from "Australia's Largest Needlecraft Store". Not realising they were the wrong size, I rang today to to see if I could exchange them.

I was told for health reasons they cannot do that. I'm not sure what other people do with their knitting needles, but I reserve mine just for the specific task of knitting.

After the puzzling phone call, I decided to email them asking why:

I just rang your store in regards to some knitting needles I purchased on Friday 9 March. They are the wrong size, and was wondering if I could exchange them for a smaller size. I was told that for health reasons, they cannot be exchanged.

Out of curiosity, can you please explain to me how there are health issues involved with knitting needles?

Especially seeing as I have only had them since Friday and have not even taken them out of the packaging.

I understand your company's need to have policies in place, however to give me a reason such as health issues for not exchanging needles (I can probably understand if they were used for drug taking) is a bit strange.

I look forward to your explanation.



Hopefully I will get some decent reply. I really regret ordering the Knit Picks Options needles from them now considering I saw the Denise Interchangeable ones available for shipping right away from another online retailer.

Even Paula from Rubi + Lana's has offered to exchange knitting needles if they were the wrong size!


  1. Hmmm... interesting. I'd be curious about the "health issues" they cite also. What on Earth could knitting needles be used for (other than knitting, that is)?

  2. I'm pretty sure that if you talk to Kris she'll happily exchange them if htey are in saleable condition. The rule is there (so I understand) so that you can't buy needles, knit a project, then return the needles.

    As for the knitpicks, I LOVE mine! I've seen the Denise needles, and though they are good quality, they are still plastic, and I love metal needles. I loved my addis until I started knitting lace, and I think the knitpicks are the best needles ever.

    Good luck!

  3. I know that in the states needles are also not returnable for the same reasons. I believe there is actually a LAW about this!

    If you watch a group of knitters knit, you will see that everyone handles their needles differently. Some put them in their mouth when needing to hold them, some stick them under their arms to anchor them, and I have even seen some stick them between their legs!

    I am guilty of putting my needles
    in my mouth at times. I would hate to think that the needles I purchased could have been in someone armpits!


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