Friday, March 16, 2007

Urban legend

Okay, so I finally got an email from the "knitting store in the city" regarding the needles I had bought. I was told that the "health" reasons were more of an urban legend, although apparently someone had gone into the store to buy some in order to pierce their ears with!!

Apparently they do not exchange because people want to be sure that they are getting brand new needles as they can bend if they have been used.

Now, this I can totally understand and am willing to accept. So why did they tell me that they do not exchange because of health reasons???

Now, as Lara commented in the last post, they don't want people to buy them, knit with them and then return them. This is a valid reason as well. But I have to say, I am no speedy gozalez when it comes to knitting as you can see with the number of FO's posted on this blog. There is no way I would have been able to use the needles and finish an item. But fair enough, all these reasons are fine and as a customer, I can accept this. So where do the health reasons come in?

If there were never any health reasons to begin with, then why give that as an excuse? Any one of those valid reasons would have been sufficient.

Anyway, once the KnitPicks needles come in, hopefully I won't have to buy any more knitting needles except for DPNs, etc. ugh, the dramas of life...

In the house hunting front, since we have been looking, we have made 2 offers for 2 different places. However, both have been unsucessful due to the owner wanting more money for them. It's been tiring and devastating, but we have to stick to the budget as well as the valuations by the bank (seeing as we can't borrow more than what the property is worth).

So this Saturday, we will be going to more open houses, skipping from one place to another and eyeing other potential buyers.

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