Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thanks for the inspiration

This weekend, some knitterly (and new to knitting) friends went to Canberra for the Spinners and Weavers Guild's exhibition "Warped and Twisted". A detour through Bundanoon whilst looking for a bit of tea and scones (or elevensies? for the Brits) found us in the midst of Brigadoon. Whilst the rain fell steadily and available car spaces rapidily declined, we thought it best to leave Bundanoon for another visit. We're not quite sure what Brigadoon was all about as we saw a lot of people and not very much action. As one of the knitterly friends (CC) said, "I see no kilts nor hear any bagpipes". So instead we made our way to Collector to visit Lynwood cafe, perhaps the only place worthy of a mention from the "oh so trendy" foodie set of Sydney this side of the Great Dividing Range.

I can now recommend the Pork terrine, Country pate and the bangers and mash. All served with their famous chutney and relishes which you can purchase to take home. Just ensure that you do eat it and not leave it at the back of the cupboard. It would be an expensive bit of mould otherwise.

Onwards to Canberra, we made the necessary "wrong way, go back" tour to the CSIRO main office. However, Warped and Twisted was actually at the Discovery Centre part of the CSIRO which of course is also where Telstra Tower extends from.

I have in my posession, numerous old copies of Mon Tricot, the crochet and knitting magazine of the days prior to Interweave Knits and the modern Vogue Knitting. Needless to say, the weaving projects in Mon Tricot were these ghastly looking rag rug type concoctions. So I never really understood why people like weaving so much. In particular, when it appears that the most they can get out of the craft is a scarf or a rug. The exhibition has really opened my eyes (okay, I won't go as far as to say, endless opportunities) to all the alternatives and creativeness of weaving.

There were also some knitted garments, some beautiful pieces and some rather boring pieces which looked like they were knitted from a 1980s Women's Weekly freebie pattern of the week.

They also had a shop downstairs which I was quite keen to check out but was rather disappointed with. There were garments for sale which were actually quite nice. But for someone with the attidude of "I can make that myself", I would have liked to see more handspun wool for sale, or raw materials. The wool that were there were rather uninspiring and looked like it had been put together by someone wanting to get rid of their odds and ends.

Whilst not totally inspired by this exhibition, the whole trip itself was really fun. Which I guess, brings me to the title of this post. You know how sometimes, there are times when you meet someone and you think, wow, we are so alike? Well I've actually been fortunate enough to meet two such people so far. First is Katie and the other being CC. Both people I met through work. Katie, when I was working for a software company and CC when I was working for a publishing company. I guess the common ground between all three of us is that we all like handicrafts and we all not only like to try new things but is not afraid to do so. But sometimes, I believe that the similarities stretch further than than this. Sometimes, in conversation with either Katie or CC, I'm constantly saying "me too, me too" whenever we talk about what we would do or how we feel about certain things. For example, CC was talking about flitting from one hobby to another and how I would think, that is so ME!

However, in my everyday life, I am a person who finds inspiration in "one line". What do I mean by this? Here are some examples:

1. This blog. I started this blog a few years ago just to store my random ramblings. However, Katie and I caught the same plane back from Melbourne once and she was telling me about her knitting blog. Now this has turned into a random rambling/knitting blog.

2. A uni friend Jenny once said to me "You don't need to eat everything off your plate". I thought, you're right! I instantly shed about 5 kg.

3. I saw another uni friend - Jill - once at a party after not seeing her for a while. She looked particularly good. I asked her what she was doing. Apparently swimming! So every second day, I went swimming. Instant 5kg loss.

4. I joined Weight Watchers after reading Julie talking about it on her blog. I've lost just under 8kg and am loving my meetings.

5. My friend Helen said that she goes running at night time around Marrickville as her exercise routine. Now I've just completed the Couch to 5K running program which I have been doing at around 9pm.

It might sound like I've lost a lot of weight going by all that inspiration and motivation. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. The problem I found, is staying power. I can only do one thing for a certain amount of time, and then I lose interest or maybe motivation. I'm not sure. But with people like CC and Katie out there, I'm sure it won't be long before my mind is occupied with something else.

So although I do possess my own mind and can think of some new ideas, I thought it would be a good opportunity to acknowledge all those people who may or may not have consciously passed on a "one liner" to me.

So who inspires you?


  1. Hopefully I'll find some inspiration from your blog and go back to swimming to lose some of this excess weight I'm carrying around but I don't think I'll attempt the knitting thing, just admire from afar

  2. Sounds like an interesting exhibition! I need to get more motivation to exercise too. I'm with WW, just got to 10% today, and I'm happy with my weight loss, but I need to tone up. But I'm horrendously lazy!
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