Thursday, June 14, 2007

I don't know babies

The wet and windy Sydney weather prevented me from going to World Wide Knit in Public Day, but then it also prevented me from going camping at Wombeyan Caves. So instead I ended up going to one open house and spent the rest of Saturday pottering about and watching Kenny on DVD. There were sure a few home truths in that one movie!!

I also spent the rest of the long weekend at my parents and we stopped by in Berrima for tea and scones. I haven't stopped by Berrima for quite a while, normally choosing to drive straight through to Goulburn. There appears to be a sudden sprout of touristy shops selling alpaca wool items. There were some yarn, but now that I am a keen follower of Bendigo Woollen Mills where I know I can get cheap alapaca yarn, paying over $10 for a 50 gram ball seems a bit excessive.

My knitting has been a bit left behind as I tried to finish all my assignments for uni (which is finally over - yay!!), and so I had some major catching up to do. I have suddenly found myself surrounded by babies or soon to appear babies. I have big plans to knit for every one of these babies. But my time management skills are pretty poor and apparently, babies wait for no-one to make their appearance.

I bought this baby pattern book:

purely because the babies are too cute.

I actually made the little top on the cover in a newborn size. The sizing looks too small. I know that newborns are pretty darn little, but heck, the cardigan is tiny. Anyway, I'm making a few more items from this book. I have problems with reading the patterns though. I don't know if its a Just me kind of problem, or they are just badly written.

On to other non-knitting news, I am officially 2kg off my goal weight. The bad news is, the Weight Watchers meeting I've been religiously attending is amalgamating with the earlier one which means I won't be able to make it as it's too early for me. Which is kind of sad because I really like the people who attend the meeting I go to. I think it's kind of become a bit of a social thing for me.

One last thing, so we all know that the Internet makes this a smaller world. But to find two Liens that knit? Check out my namesake here.


  1. I loved the patterns in that book and I'm very interested in seeing your finished objects. (no pressure though)

  2. I saw your comment on grabyourfork. :) I want to go to Alice's too!!

  3. 2 kg from goal - that's brilliant!

  4. Heard about Goulburn on the new tonight. Hope your parents are ok.


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