Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sydney Craft Fair

On Sunday, Celia and I went to the craft fair which was held in Darling Harbour. Celia offered to drive and I offered free parking (one of the perks of working where I do, is free weekend parking in the city). There were a few more knitting vendors at this fair than the Stitches and Craft fair which I went to earlier this year (luckily I got free tickets to that one, since it was sooooo not worth it).

I was really tempted by Ecoyarns and Prestige Yarns. Although I'm not really on a yarn diet, I have decided not to buy single balls (how many true single skein projects are out there - really??) and I didn't really want to be extravagant and buy 10 balls of everything!! I did end up picking these little beauties up though:

After, we had lunch at Wagamamas which was not too bad. Sometimes, this place is a bit of a hit or miss.

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  1. Ecoyarns ! Read about these on the Internet, and was tempted to get a couple of cotton ones to knit up a blouse for summer. Hope the feel as good as they look in the pictures on the net !


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