Monday, August 06, 2007

Feminine Puff Sleeved Cardigan

I have finished a couple of things recently on the knitting front. Most notably, the candle-flame shawl. I won't bother posting a picture of it as it looks like the original WIP picture but larger. I also made a shawl pin for it using some beads and a kilt pin. Sydney is seriously lacking places which sell shawl pins!! I also finished Raymond's scarf - which by the way, is still in my possession. After exclaiming how desperately he needed a scarf for winter, when I finished it, he keeps forgetting to take it with him!

I also finished a cardigan from a Patons pattern book. But I'm too miserable about it to post its picture. Whilst my knitting skills are not too bad, my sewing skills are atrocious and now the poor thing looks like a lumpy piece of carpet. When I'm feeling more up to it, I will either rip it out or try to block the hell out of it to try to hide the flaws.

Sally whose birthday we recently celebrated, kindly lent me "Fitted Knits" by Stefanie Japel. I LOVE this book!! Most of the patterns are knit in the round (no sewing!!) and look like something I would actually wear. So in order to recover from my disappointment with the Patons cardigan, I cast on for the Feminine Puff Sleeved Cardigan.

I'm using Pacifica from Bendigo Woollen Mills which I picked up last time Ray and I went to Melbourne. I think this is discontinued.

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  1. Aw, do show a picture of the shawl- I'm sure it's lovely and it's always nice to see an FO, even if it looks like the pattern picture.

    About Fitted Knits, what do you think of her using those purl rows at the waist of so many of the designs? They really initially put me off, but other people's FOs from that book are lovely.


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