Sunday, August 05, 2007

Finally, we're moving!!

Remember when I talked about house-hunting every frickin' Saturday? Well, it's finally over. Lucille and her boyfriend bought a townhouse!! No need to mention how excited I am as I can finally move back into our previous living arrangements (Lucille and I rented an apartment together for about 2 years). Only difference is that, I no longer have to contend with nasty real estate agents and just pay rent to Lucille!! Yay - I'd take Lucille on any day (I AM older!!) than dealing with an RE.

Here are a few piccies.

Stairs to the bedroom upstairs and weird mezzanine level.

The kitchen - don't mind the mess, we were trying to clean it before we move in.

French doors out to the so-called court yard.

Lounge room, taken from the mezzanine

View from the lounge - Lucille was trying to do a silly dance!

Look who else recently moved into a new place!!

Sally talks about homeownership and why young people are so obsessed. My obsession comes from the fact that I HATE REAL ESTATE AGENTS. They are in the same categories of used car salespeople. One of my insecurities in life is not having a place to live. I can deal with most situations but when a real estate agent calls me or I receive a letter in the mail threatening my safety of "home", I am completely in a mess. Lucille, as the youngest in the family has always relied on me (or more like fob off onto me) to deal with most things such as makng sure the electricity is connected, making doctor's appointments, etc etc. But my lack of being able to deal with RE's has once prompted her to say to me "Look, I'll deal with it"!! That tells you something.


  1. Hey your new house looks fantastic. Congratulations!!

  2. It looks wonderful. Light, airy, greenery outside. Such a sense of relief...

  3. Yay Yay Yay!

    Fantastic news - and it looks like you'll be close to our new house too. Let's talk dates for housewarming parties so we can make sure we don't clash :)


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