Saturday, September 08, 2007

Alpacas not APEC

The whole APEC thing has been getting on my nerves of late. In particular because there were security operations next to my work. I can see the all the police with their sniffer dogs from outside of my window at work (right next to Wharf 8). Even the P&O cruiseship has not made its regular appearance. Sydney has been eerily quiet and it was kind of creepy. I imagine what a police state would have been like. Whilst I generally don't oppose APEC, world leaders can meet, nothing wrong with that. But if locking down a whole city just so some frickin dignataries can wine and dine and be "shown" Sydney, that totally pisses me off. Not to mention the amount of money spent on securing the city. But securing it for whom? The barriers they have put up have made it more of a hazard to get around and if a bomb really was to go off, then surely there would have been more fatalities as people are forced to walk in cramped spaces. But then I guess we're the little people. However, it has given me some small bit of satisfaction to see that it has rained all week here in Sydney. The stupid pollies who think that they must "show off" Sydney as opposed to holding the APEC meeting in Canberra (it is our Country's capital!!) didn't have much to show as the skies opened up.

But anyway, enough with the bitching. Our regular knitting group decided to go visit some Alpacas instead. David organised a visit to Belgrave Park Alpacas in the Blue Mountains. Candy and Mandy (yes, friends with rhyming names!!) came to pick me up for the drive to the mountains. I made a fennel seed cake (based on one which I'd had at Katie's) and brought my knitting along.

The group of knitters!!

How cute!

More cuteness

When the mountain air started to get too much for the average Sydneysider, we made our way to Katoomba for the Blue Mountains Chocolate Company for some "real hot chocolate".

A quick stop at David's to visit his kitty cats (which you may of heard in his podcast) before heading home down the motorway.


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