Sunday, September 23, 2007

How to ask for a payrise

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a seminar called "How to ask for a promotion or payrise". It was one which Lucille's company was holding. The main thing I got out of it was not to whine and go on and on about why your boss should give you a payrise. (Incidently, I've tried asking for a payrise in my previous job and I followed all the correct procedures, such as research and provide evidence, etc but at the end of the day, if your boss just doesn't have the money or the inclination, I don't really think there is a point.)

Anyway, the point of this story, is whilst they tell you not to whinge and whine to get what you want, there are times when it does work. My other sister was going to Canada to meet up with her husband who was there for a conference and which sucker got called to service to take her to the airport? Yep, me again. (This happens EVERY year as they seem to take an overseas trip once or twice.) This time, it was stretching the family ties a bit as she had an early flight, we had to leave the house at 4.30am. On the drive to the airport, I whinged and whined about how I had to get up so early and how unfair it was if I was involved in a high speed crash as it wasn't me who was getting any benefit from getting up so early, etc etc(A LOT of people speed during this time of the day - they must think they can get away with it).

Well, I think the early morning just made my sister snap, cause she goes "Fine, I'll get you that thing you wanted!!!"

Cool, so I got it. And here it is:

I've been wanting a yarn winder for ages but just can't justify the cost of what the Australian suppliers were charging for it. I knew they were going to Washington DC and so I looked up yarn shops in the area. I only found Stitch DC and so told them that I wanted one of those from there. They also bought me some baby alpaca (which will probably be made into a scarf) and some handpainted sock wool.

Now, I wonder if I have a bit of a whinge to my boss tomorrow, if I'll get similar results.

Oh and a postcard promoting a new book which is, for once, NOT aimed at the young and hip but at (can I say this?) older generation:

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