Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm allergic to dogs!

I've always suspected that I had a canine allergy. When I used to live at home with the four white fluffies, my eyes would water, my nose would get all runny. Now that I've moved out and only go visit my parents every so often, the whole allergy thing would flare up. However, my parents refuse to believe that their precious little white balls of yapping fluff is the cause of my misery. They keep telling me its hay fever.

Anyway, my suspicions were confirmed this weekend when I went to visit Honey:

I went with my friend Rebecca to Canberra to visit our friend Lorraine. A weekend to Canberra is always nice and every trip makes me think that perhaps I can live there. I used to think Canberra was the most boring place and can't understand how it ever became Australia's Capital. It might be an age thing, but I'm starting to feel that a job in the public service and being able to live within five minutes of work is starting to look appealing.

Anyway, what's a trip to Canberra during Spring without a stop at the Floriade?


  1. Oh no! Does that mean you can't come and visit Majic and I any more??? Maybe it is only FLUFFY dogs...

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  4. you really don't have to suffer. if you're allergic to dogs, then it is good that you don't have one. If you need to visit friends who have dogs, then you can still do so. Have a change of clothes ready, and don't pet your friends' dogs!


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