Monday, November 26, 2007

Every vote counts!

Each time there is an election, our family tries to go somewhere interesting to cast our votes. Last time in the State elections, we went to the local correctional facility. This time we just found a place which was having a fete at the same time. Had I known that John Howard was going to be at Ermington West Primary school, we would have made our way down so I could give him dirty looks!!

Saturday night, we had an election party at my friend Jill's. There was heaps of champagne popping as we celebrated Kevin Rudd's victory. No guesses there as to my feelings for John Howard. My excitement grew even further when Bennelong was won by Maxine!

Apparently a senior Liberal advisor blames it on the "fucking Chinese" and the Asian vote for John Howard's loss of Bennelong.

Ummm.. yeah - that's me! I still remember the uproar in 1988 when JH made those anti-immigration comments - I was eleven at the time and my parents listened to a lot of Chinese radio!

A colleague of mine commented that since returning to Australia after several years overseas, she's noticed the drop in tax rates and how fantastic that is. Yeah - but has she noticed the lack of funding to Education and Health? That the tax cuts have been to the people in the higher tax brackets?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

People Watch

I do quite a bit of people watching - not weird, stare at them type of people watching, but more observations of strange human behaviour. I think I do this not because I'm really all that interested in the person, but more because I like to know that there are stranger people out there than me.

I've been writing these observations in my diary, so here are a couple to start off with:

Friday 16 November - 8.32 am - train from Parramatta to City.
Male - wearing Prada belt, Bvlgari watch, Gucci bag.
I have 2 questions: Does he think he's decked out enough in designer labels? Why is he catching a train?

Thursday 22 November - 1.35pm - Starbucks - Cnr of Margaret and York St
Male - business attire - reading the Australian Financial Review. Starts laughing out loud. For the life of me, I CANNOT fathom what story in the Fin Review could cause an "out loud" laugh. I'm thinking his share prices went up.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Getting back on track

A new year's resolution which I make every year but never seem to keep is "to be more organised". This week, I made a start -and yes, I realise that November is a bit late!! So the assignment is completed and sent through. Hopefully March next year will see me with another mortarboard atop my head, ready for graduation.

I made it to Rubi + Lana's for the SnB and stayed most of the day there. It was great being there and not having to think about the whole host of other things which is currently making me anxious. Needless, to say, nearly a whole day of knitting produced significant progress on "Rusted Root" (still can't understand why the designers called it this!!). No recent photos, but here is one I took a while ago:

I also managed to go for a swim in the afternoon in our pool. I don't think I ever really appreciated the whole "indoor pool" thing, always preferring an outdoor pool with cool refreshing water and the sun shining above. Until, I noticed all the BUGS which also like a dip but cannot swim!!

So, in my quest to get back on track, here is my teapot for the tea cosy swap I joined on Ravelry. This is my "everyday" teapot which is a bit naked. My "save for special guests" teapot already has a beautiful cosy from my One Skein pal, Candy.

So what next? I'm about to cast on for the tea cosy for my pal and catching up with friends which I feel I've neglected for ages. Friday night saw me wobbling out of Cafe Otto in Glebe after sharing half a bottle of wine with a colleague (umm... Asians don't take alcohol very well). Luckily the family came and picked me up to take me home.

Tonight - off to Brighton-le-sands to a lebanese restaurant for more catching up. Next week sees me lunching with an old uni friend I have not seen in years (she hasn't seen me since I've lost all the weight, so I'd be interested to see what she's going to say!!). And then to an election picnic next Saturday (nothing political about it, just happens to fall on election day) and then an election party (yet again, just happens to be on that day) to again remind people I have not fallen off the face of this earth!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Excuses, excuses

That seems to be what I'm constantly racking my brain with lately. Excuses as to why:
  • I have not finished my assignment - only one darn thing to go before I graduate!
  • I have not kept up with my knitting
  • I didn't finish reading the last book for my book club
  • I still haven't posted a picture of my teapot for the tea cosy swap I joined on Ravelry
  • I haven't started knitting the tea cosy for my pal
  • I have not been going to Rubi + Lana's
  • I haven't done a host of other things which I said I would before the end of the year - most of it administrative!

I could blame it on my complete lack of time management skills but I think at the moment, it has a bit to do with a reassessment of my life. This also leads to show my lack of ability to multi-task. It appears that I cannot think about these things and be productive at the same time.

Anyway, I took last Wednesday and Thursday off for a bit of a road trip to Canberra to have a bit of think and clear to my head. Along the way, I stopped by at my parents. Despite my allergies to the dogs, there is something about them that could always brighten up a drab day.

I was glad to see that Goulburn has had a bit of rain and everything looks green again.

And also to see that our supply of tomatoes is going well this year.

Having about 4 hours of driving each way to Canberra and back, I'm still as unsure as ever.

Here is a snippet of a text message conversation with my friend:

HER: I reckon when it comes to the crunch u'll know.
ME: Hopefully, I'm generally quite indecisive. Like ordering at a restaurant. When it comes to the crunch, I order the wrong thing.

Sometimes I really wish there was a magical 8 ball which will help me with these things!!