Monday, November 26, 2007

Every vote counts!

Each time there is an election, our family tries to go somewhere interesting to cast our votes. Last time in the State elections, we went to the local correctional facility. This time we just found a place which was having a fete at the same time. Had I known that John Howard was going to be at Ermington West Primary school, we would have made our way down so I could give him dirty looks!!

Saturday night, we had an election party at my friend Jill's. There was heaps of champagne popping as we celebrated Kevin Rudd's victory. No guesses there as to my feelings for John Howard. My excitement grew even further when Bennelong was won by Maxine!

Apparently a senior Liberal advisor blames it on the "fucking Chinese" and the Asian vote for John Howard's loss of Bennelong.

Ummm.. yeah - that's me! I still remember the uproar in 1988 when JH made those anti-immigration comments - I was eleven at the time and my parents listened to a lot of Chinese radio!

A colleague of mine commented that since returning to Australia after several years overseas, she's noticed the drop in tax rates and how fantastic that is. Yeah - but has she noticed the lack of funding to Education and Health? That the tax cuts have been to the people in the higher tax brackets?


  1. Good for you guys and Rudd's victory! I thought of you when I read about the election outcome, because of course, I do know how you feel about good ol' John Howard.

  2. Saturday was such a good day! Still smiling over here!

  3. Yay for the Chinese!

    (A bit behind with my blog reading!)


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