Thursday, November 22, 2007

People Watch

I do quite a bit of people watching - not weird, stare at them type of people watching, but more observations of strange human behaviour. I think I do this not because I'm really all that interested in the person, but more because I like to know that there are stranger people out there than me.

I've been writing these observations in my diary, so here are a couple to start off with:

Friday 16 November - 8.32 am - train from Parramatta to City.
Male - wearing Prada belt, Bvlgari watch, Gucci bag.
I have 2 questions: Does he think he's decked out enough in designer labels? Why is he catching a train?

Thursday 22 November - 1.35pm - Starbucks - Cnr of Margaret and York St
Male - business attire - reading the Australian Financial Review. Starts laughing out loud. For the life of me, I CANNOT fathom what story in the Fin Review could cause an "out loud" laugh. I'm thinking his share prices went up.

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  1. Maybe he had a comic book hidden inside the paper ;)


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