Saturday, December 29, 2007

Birthdays and Christmas all together

Christmas this year has been a bit of a quiet one, with both the older sister and her husband choosing to have a white Christmas in Idaho. So this year, it was just Lucille and I packing the car and driving down to Goulburn to spend a few days with the Parents.

But prior to that, there was a small gathering to celebrate the fact that I've turned the big three-O.

First there was cake:

then some well wishing:

And a surprise gift from my little sister's good friend Linda - a gift voucher to Tapestry Craft. A quick visit to the city on my day off found me picking through the remains of the sale. I ended up stocking up on extra tips in my Knit Picks Options and a skein of Araucania sock yarn.

On Christmas eve there was another party in which I won the first hand at Mahjong:

Christmas day was spent bumming around the farm and antagonising the dogs (or was that the other way round?). Boxing day (also the day I actually turn three-o), saw me come back to Sydney to make a delivery with my dad. On the drive back, a stop at Pheasants Nest at the petrol station ended up with this strange conversation with this strange man:

HIM: "Hi I'm Dave by the way"
Me: "I'm Lien"
HIM: "So where are you going?"
Me: "Goulburn"
HIM: "So where are you from?"
Me: "Goulburn" (I'm not really, but heck, has anyone seen Wolf Creek??)
HIM: "So you're farmers?"
Me: "My dad is"
HIM: "So what do you guys speak? Cantonese, Cambodian, Vietnamese?"
Me: "Cantonese"
HIM: "So do you guys normally marry your own kind?"
Me: "I'm not married" (LIKE WTF??)

Like what the heck?? Do I have this "DESPERATE and DATELESS" look on my face and why ask me just as I turned 30??? Needless to say, I just turned to my dad and said to him once you're done with the coffee, we're going!!

Anyway, my mother decided she'll take the 27th off and go on a day trip with us. We ended up going to Canberra (where else?) and a quick detour to Bungendore for devonshire tea at the Wood Gallery.


  1. Happy Birthday, Lien from another December baby. I must have missed your little Ravelry cake. I had a little splurge at TC too - got the Knit Pick Harmonies.

  2. Wow, I have had some strange conversations with people about my race ("Of course, you Orientals don't celebrate Christmas, do you?"), but yours takes the cake!

    Happy birthday! And we're even the same age!


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