Wednesday, February 20, 2008

From the beginning

Today is Day 3 in my new job and Day 1 of having a new internet connection! I put off getting one for ages as I was trying to find a cheap way of "getting connected" without having to get a phone line.

I finally had to get one due to the fact that my new job has restricted access to a lot of websites. This means no checking of personal emails, blogs and Ravelry.

Starting a new job is always quite nerve racking. A series of questions goes through my head and generally have nothing to do with the job itself. These include the following:

  • What if nobody talks to me?
  • Can I live with crappy stationery?
  • Can I trust putting my food in the fridge?
  • Where to get a good coffee?

It's all these little things which I will have to sort out - the job itself is the least of my worries.

The new workplace is on Level 48. Lucky I'm not afraid of heights but seriously, I wonder what they do during fire drills. I'm not sure I can cope with walking down 48 flights of stairs.

I've been budgeting in lift time because it takes so long to get to the top. Remember my desk from my last job. Well I've lost the water view and am now back in a "cubicle" along with 99% of other office workers. I can see the window from where I am but can only see the sky because we're so high up.

I'm also extremely far from the bathroom and the kitchen. So no more sneaking away for another cup of coffee.

I also find it difficult to find my way around. I think this company likes to hide everything behind doors. And every door looks the same. I have trouble picking the right door to get to the corridor which will take me to the toilets. The kitchen is also hidden behind a door which looks like the same door that takes you to the corridor that takes you to the toilet. Did you get that?

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  1. Hang in there and it will feel old and boring in no time!! Besides working out how escape at 5pm (sounds like a maze), are you enjoying the joband is it in the city? They HAVE to like you and talk to you because you're such a bright spark, how could anyone not?


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