Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Good luck ahead

Some days when I walk down the street, I just want to be invisible. By this I mean, I wish charity workers would leave me alone (most of them work on commission which I'm totally against and why would I be offering my bank details to someone on the street anyway?), cameras outside my work wouldn't be pointing in my direction, people dressed in bear outfits wouldn't approach me, etc - you know, everyday stuff.

So while waiting to cross a set of lights today, this strange man stares at me and starts talking. Seriously, this is the bit I HATE!! I believe that I'm a fairly sociable person, but for some reason, I hate it when I get approached by random strangers. This is why I never ask lost-looking tourists if they need help (although I appreciate it when other people ask me when I'm lost in a foreign city).

Anyway, what riveting and insightful piece of information did this guy have to share with me while we both waited for the traffic lights to turn that one shade of green?

"You're going to have good luck in the next two months"

Umm.. not what I expected and no further explanation. And why in the next two months? Why not now?? When I got back to work, I checked my diary to see what could possibly happen in the next two months that could bring me good fortune. The only thing I could see was a day trip to Melbourne for work (which means a 4.30am start for 6.30am flight - how is that good fortune??), and my graduation in May (I'm still paying for my post grad studies so in effect I'm not ahead on this one) and then basically, nothing.

My recent windfall has been to score some free corporate box seat tickets to the Celine Dion concert (but I've already got those) so not exactly happening in the next two months. I'll wait and see... but probably won't hold my breath.

I may have mentioned before that I absolutely loathe cooking, although I don't mind baking and making desserts - the fun stuff. Bad things always happen to me when I'm in the kitchen and generally avoid it if I can. I have some scars to prove it. My sister (the one I live with) cooks for me and makes most of my meals. She loves to eat and can't bear the idea of a boring meal (whereas I don't cook so try not to be so picky and just eat whatever).

Anyway, to combine her love of food and cooking (I think she genuinely enjoys it so I feel that each time I let her cook for me, I'm contributing to her happiness), she has started a food blog. Here is the link to her blog: One chopstick cook.


  1. Buy a lotto ticket!!!! One game (or lowest number you need to play) for each night it is played. It costs me $7.40 per week and I get a chance to win monday, tuesday, wed, thurs & saturday. My one and only big win was $500 a couple of months ago but hey, this guy has told you you'll be lucky so take every opportunity

  2. Weird! Are you sure he wasn't just trying to pick you up?

    But Good Luck with the Good Luck anyway.

  3. Anonymous9:16 pm

    ummmm... just to ask did this man say this before 12pm lunchtime? because if you look at the date youll plainly see that today is april fools day and maybe youve just been taken for a sucker, big time!


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